What is a Signal Booster?

Posted on 12 Oct 13:36

Signal Boosters

Signal Booster ZA

A signal booster, also known as a network booster or mobile repeater, is a communications device that improves weak cell phone signals. Poor signal reception is a common problem throughout South Africa and is incredibly frustrating to deal with.

Dropped calls, poor call quality, and a lack of 3G and 4G function are just a few of the issues that arise from a poor mobile signal. A signal booster addresses these problems by picking up a better-quality signal from a longer distance, amplifying it and then carrying into a home or workplace to improve mobile signals.

A signal booster in South Africa is a great investment for anyone living in areas with a poor cell phone reception. Whether at home or work, poor cell phone reception is a massive inconvenience but a signal booster device offers cost-effective solution that many are now investing in.

When buying a network booster, poor receptions become a thing of the past, letting mobile phone users get the most out of their devices, including a full bar reception and improved call quality.

How Do Signal Boosters Work?

While a mobile repeater may sound like a complex device their process is quite straight-forward. Cell phone signal boosters come with four main parts - an external antenna, an internal antenna, an amplifier, and connective cables.

The exterior antenna is placed outside (such as in a garden or against a wall) in a spot where it can pick up a nearby cell phone signal frequency. When this is found, the external antenna sends the signal to the amplifier, which amplifies the overall strength of the signal.

 Signal Booster ZA

The now-improved cell phone signal is then carried to the internal antenna, which is placed somewhere indoors, and sends it over a specific coverage area. A stronger cell phone signal is now broadcast indoors from the interior antenna, with any mobile phone within the coverage area getting a better signal.

There are certain differences between network boosters however, with different devices operating on different frequency bands, while others have much larger coverage areas to accommodate different sized properties.

Where Do Signal Boosters Work?

Signal boosters work in any location where there is a mobile phone signal. They can be installed in a home, workplace, or even in a car, with different devices designed to suit different requirements.

For instance, a business in South Africa may suffer from a poor cell phone reception despite it being their main line of communication between employees, customers, suppliers etc. This quite common as mobile phones are more convenient than a landline and often cheaper.

So, to overcome a poor signal in a business premises a powerful signal booster is needed because the signal needs to be boosted over a wider area compared to a single house. With a reliable signal booster in place the business no longer needs to worry about dropped calls, missed calls, and poor-quality communications as their mobile signals are vastly improved.

Whether you need a mobile repeater in your home, business, or vehicle there are devices available to address the poor signal problem.

Benefits of Using a Signal Booster

The main benefit of using a cell phone signal booster is your cell phone receives a better, more reliable signal. Your cell won’t miss any phone calls, the call quality won’t be poor, and dropped calls will be a thing of the past.

A cell phone signal also improves internet functions on a phone. While 3G and 4G mobile signals are widely found throughout South Africa, many areas suffer from poor receptions that make it impossible to browse the web, download data, stream etc., on their phones.

3G signal boosters address these problems, allowing cell phone users to get the most from their 3G or 4G signals, which is certainly worth doing as most of us pay for mobile data!

Different Types of Signal Boosters

There are different types of phone boosters available, which is often a source of confusion for first-time buyers, but it’s quite simple to understand why there are so many types.

South Africa signal boosters are designed to work on the country’s different mobile network providers. This is because each company operates on slightly different frequency bands, so the signal booster needs to be compatible with this frequency to work.

For instance, a Vodacom signal booster is the most common in the country as this is the most popular mobile network provider. Vodacom signal boosters pick up the different frequency bands that Vodacom use (which use GSM, UMTS, and LTE frequency bands), ensuring Vodacom customers can find an improved signal if needed.

There are single-band, multi-band, and tri-band signal booster devices available, allowing mobile users to get the specific booster for their phone’s frequency band. There are specific mobile repeater devices for all major South African mobile networks, including LTE signal booster, Cell C signal booster, MTN signal booster, GSM signal booster, and Telkom signal booster.

If you have a cell phone with any of these networks then you just buy the appropriate repeater - most signal booster retailers sell devices for all major networks in South Africa.

Signal Booster Area Coverage

Not only do signal boosters operate on different frequency bands, they also have different coverage areas, with stronger boosters offering more coverage. While it may seem like more coverage is better, this isn’t necessarily true.

For instance, if you need a cell phone signal booster for your house, then a smaller coverage will be more than enough to boost the signal throughout the house.

On the other hand, a business with a large property (such as a warehouse) will need a bigger coverage area to spread the signal throughout the property.

So, you can buy signal boosters with appropriate coverage areas to meet your own requirements. Smaller coverage's start at around 250 sqm while the largest coverage's reach up to 5000 sqm. There’s no point paying more for addition coverage if you don’t need it!

Signal Booster South Africa

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Benefits Of A Network Booster

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What is a Network Booster?  

Signal Booster ZA - Mobile Booster

A network booster, also called a signal booster or mobile repeater, is a device used to improve cell phone receptions. Weak cell phone signals are common in many areas of South Africa, resulting in poor call clarity, call dropping, missed calls, and slower 3G and 4G capabilities.  

Given how important mobile phones are for everyday life, dealing with a low-quality reception is very frustrating, reducing almost every function on the phone. Network boosters address these issues by picking up better signals across long distances and transmitting them back into areas with poor reception quality. 

Both businesses and private residences often suffer from poor receptions, which is why many signal boosters are sold in South Africa, helping people overcome the nuisance of never having a cell phone signal when you need it. 

How Does a Network Booster Work? 

Although it may appear as a complex device a network booster works in a simple yet effective way. Every network booster comes with four components, including an indoor antenna, an outdoor antenna, an amplifier device, and special cables to connect each component.  

The outdoor antenna is placed outside where it picks up cell phone reception signals from a much further distance than a phone. When it receives a good signal, it sends it to the amplifier so it can be further improved before being sent to the indoor antenna.  

The indoor antenna then broadcasts the improved signal for mobile phones in the vicinity. Poor signals are no longer present, being replaced with powerful signals that return all functionality to the mobile phone. 

There are a few differences between certain network booster devices. For instance, there are cell phone booster devices that operate on several frequency bands, meaning they can improve signals for various mobile networks and 3G/4G signals. Others have massive coverage areas to help broadcast the improved reception across larger areas.   

Where Do Network Boosters Work? 

There are no limitations for placing a network signal booster beyond locations with absolutely zero signal receptions - and these are quite rare and only in the most remote locations in South Africa.  

That means even areas with the weakest possible cell phone receptions can use a network signal booster. The devices can be placed almost anywhere too, meaning a cell phone signal booster can be used in a house, a place of work, or even in a vehicle.  

Different signal boosters are designed to accommodate different requirements, so it’s easy enough to find a device for your needs. 

For example, if you are self-employed and have a home office with a poor mobile phone reception, it can be a massive inconvenience. You need the phone to make calls to clients and the like, but a lack of reception makes it impossible. 

Say you have a Vodacom mobile phone in this situation. To improve the signal for your mobile, you can invest in a Vodacom signal booster designed to specifically improve the signals for Vodacom phones.  

This cell phone signal provides you with maximum reception bars for your phone, making it possible to make and receive calls, improving overall call quality and clarity, while letting you use your 4G when needed. 

Advantages of Using Network Boosters 

Network boosters are versatile pieces of hardware offering many advantages, the most obvious being that your cell phone reception is now hugely improved. You don’t miss any calls due to there being no signal on your mobile, as you’ll always have full reception bars providing you are within the network booster coverage area.  

The calls you make and receive are also much improved. There is no crackling or breaking up, and the call will never drop (from your end at least), ensuring you get the maximum use from your mobile as intended 

Better still, a repeater also improves 3G and 4G functions. Poor mobile signals greatly impair or outright blocks 3G and 4G, meaning you can’t use your mobile data to for apps, streaming, downloading, or anything else.  

Given the fact you’re paying for mobile data allowances you should be able to use them, but that isn’t always a guarantee with a poor cell phone reception. A cell phone network booster addresses these problems, letting you use your data whenever you want. 

Understanding Different Types of Network Boosters  

Several types of network signal boosters are available, any of which could be the right type for your needs. There are many types to cover the different frequency bands that South African network providers operate on.  

For instance, Vodacom uses 4 different frequency bands to broadcast their signals, so if you are with this network then you need a Vodacom signal booster that operates on these frequency bands.  

In fact, a Vodacom signal booster is often compatible with different networks too, as some operate on the same frequency band - MTN signal boosters and Cell C signal boosters operate on the same frequency band so are compatible with each other.  

There are single band signal boosters that operate on just one band for a single network, dual band signal boosters that are compatible with several networks, and tri band signal boosters that operate on several networks and 3G/4G. 

Single band signal boosters are available for all major South African mobile network providers, including LTE signal booster, Cell C signal booster, MTN signal booster, GSM signal booster, and Telkom signal booster. 

If you need a cell phone signal booster be sure to check the device is compatible with your mobile network - most devices clearly state this so it should easy to find a compatible repeater. 

Network Booster Coverage Area 

Another thing to consider about a network booster is the coverage area. Smaller coverage areas are suitable for small homes, offices, and apartments, while larger coverage areas are necessary for large homes, offices, warehouses etc.  

There are many coverage areas to choose from, so be sure to buy one that is suitable for your specific requirements. For instance, there is no point in buying a signal booster with a 3,000 sqm coverage area if you live in a small house or apartment - between 150 and 300 should be more than enough for this. 

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Network Boosters

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One of the biggest complaints mobile users make nowadays is having poor signal, not being able to make a call, missing calls and having slow internet speeds, which needless to say, can be very frustrating. For businesses, not being able to receive calls can result in losses of revenue and unsatisfied customers. However, never fear, there is a solution to improving your weak signals issue and thereby letting you stay connected via Network boosters. 

Why You Have Network Issues? 

Weak or no network is the result of different factors working both independently, in some cases and simultaneously, in other cases. These factors include distance from a cellular tower, user capacity for a cellular tower, and obstructions between the user and the tower such as geographic features (hills, mountains and rocks), organic features (trees, leaves and snow-pile), weather conditions (rain, snowfall, wind and dust), manmade structures (buildings, walls and fences), and conductive materials (copper, aluminum, salt water, and anything else that can conduct electricity).  

All of these can have a negative impact on the quality of your signals. So, you may be wondering, how can you make your devices and other applications work inside?  A network booster is the answer, which will be able to overcome these obstacles. A mobile repeater (network booster) are there as one single solution to many problems. And you know what? They are easily available and pocket friendly too. 

Technology/How it Works: 

Step 1 

A source, such as a Mobile Tower provides the signal to the building through a rooftop donor antenna or wired landline connection. 

Step 2 

Front end equipment (repeater /amplifier) receive and condition the signal for distribution throughout the building. 

Step 3 

The wireless signal is transported via cabling throughout the building to a network of discreet internal antennas (cellular repeater /cellular amplifier). 

Step 4 

The internal antennas transmit and receive strong mobile signal for use by the end user. 

Signal Boosters have built in smart technology to help protect the mobile network; the repeater will amplify and then spread a mobile signal in a defined area, whilst monitoring the input to ensure it is not overpowering or interfering with the external mobile network. So, you can get the power to stay connected with the Reliability of Network Boosters.  

Top 10 Network booster benefits 

  • Stronger mobile signal  
  • No dropped calls and lost connections 
  • Faster data uploads and downloads 
  • Support multiple users 
  • Improved audio quality for voice calls 
  • Longer battery life on a single charge 
  • Texts and voice mails reach your inbox sooner 
  • Larger indoor signal coverage area 
  • Extended signal range from the cell tower 
  • Peace of mind – you know you’re connected 


It’s time to stop suffering from weak networks! It's annoying and even embarrassing for a modern person to have problems with mobile devices. You might not know that the solution for the network connection problem was invented decades ago and many owners of mobile phone devices have already started enjoying it; our suggestion for you would be to use network boosters 

In fact you don’t need to do anything for amplifying cellular signal; one step installation will do it all for you. It’s fast, effective and highly affordable 

Signal Booster South Africa


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What Is A Mobile Repeater?

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Mobile Repeater

Can you imagine a day without a mobile phone especially when you stay back late at work and cannot inform your family? Or when you are stuck in a horrible traffic jam whilst on your way to work and your boss is in a fit of rage? Now, that is a nightmare, isn’t it? For these and many other reasons the best technical specialists have designed a mobile repeater that lets you forget about all the troubles related to poor mobile connection. 

A mobile repeater consists of an outside antenna that catches weak signals from an outside source and sends it to an amplifier which repeats/boosts signals to an inside antenna; an inside antenna further broadcasts a strong boosted signal.The cell phone booster ensures your ease of communication within its coverage area.  

Mobile Repeater Benefits 

Hence, if you are thinking of purchasing a Mobile repeater, take a look at the list of benefits the tool can offer you: 

  • The main advantage with these devices is that they don’t even require a stable signal in the area where the external device is placed; a weak signal can also be boosted up when combined with a good amplifier. 
  • Vehicle signal boosters can be placed in your car, giving you a complete indoor and outdoor coverage solution as well. 
  • No matter how many people use the mobile phone ian area of an amplified signal, they can all communicate as long as theassure that the repeater provides all of them with reliable connection at once, with the only condition being, to stay within the coverage area. 
  • There is a wide range of mobile booster sets that differ by coverage area (1000 sq ft to 500,000 sq ft), purpose (vehicle or indoor) and frequencies. Thus, be sure to find the right tool for your personal needs and requirements. 
  • Mobile repeaters are easy to install and come with all necessary details, so you won’t need any extra accessory hence saving you time and money. Besides, you do not need a specialist to set it up as you can easily do it on your own. 
  • They can work in all types of environmental conditions as the temperature limits are from -15 to +55 and humidity limits equal 5-95 percent. This is the main advantage of mobile repeaters which makes them the best tool for areas having extreme weather conditions. 
  • Mobile repeater increases mobile’s battery life. The reason is that the mobile does not have to waste its power on searching for a poor signal; the stronger the signal, the longer the battery life. 
  • One of the best advantages of the cell phone amplifier is that the equipment decreases the level of radiation which emits from your mobile phone. Hence, whilst using the signal booster you not only amplify the GSM signal but also protect your health. 

 Why Choose a Mobile Repeater?

Wireless technology has made communication easier and convenient along with the quality of being affordable. Therefore, forget about the worry of mobile network problems when you can have the best technology in the form of mobile repeaters to be placed at your home, offices, and even in your cars for your smooth and uninterrupted communication. 

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Signal Boosters

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Mobile Phone Signal Booster

In the world of today where we predominantly rely on our mobile devices, weak signals can interrupt our day to day activities for which we require mobile phone signal boosters to enhance signal strength. mobile phone signal booster is a system, which takes the mobile phone signal from one area where the signal is active, and repeats (or amplifies) it to an area where the signal is poor or non-existent. 


Types of Signal Boosters 

Signal Booster - South Africa


  • Home & Office Signal Boosters


From small single rooms to large business centers, each and every floor plan can easily be installed with the required frequency and coverage. These home and office signal boosters are a great combination of cost and power; for situations where you need more power to cover a greater area, an array of options are available for signal boosters that have different types of antennas and strong amplifiers to cater to your requirement. 


  • Vehicle Mobile Phone Signal Boosters 


Vehicle Mobile Phone repeaters come as a separate amplifier and internal antenna, and can be used by multiple phones and data cards at the same time. This truly is the ideal mobile phone signal booster kit for long distance travellers. So, easily go about preparing presentations on your device using the high tech network speed available in your car; the driver is there to drive your car whilst the signal booster is there to drive your success. 


Why to Choose Signal Boosters? 


  • Crystal clear voice 
  • Reliable connections 
  • Wider coverage 
  • No dead zones 
  • Longer battery life 
  • Quick Text messages 
  • Easy to install 
  • Affordable 


Who needs Signal Boosters? 


The Pew Research Center reported in a recent study (2017) that worldwide 72% of cellular phone owners occasionally deal with dropped calls in urban areas. While 32% stated it happens a few times a week or more often. But dropped calls aren’t the only issue cellular users might run into. Some people have to drive through dead spots on a regular basis, such as commuting to work every day. Those people need cell signal boosters to make their day to day life easy and comfortable. 


How to Choose Signal Boosters? 


The best way to get started is by finding the best mobile phone signal booster for you and to determine whether the primary situation you need it for is at home or a small office, in a vehicle, or in a large building or structure. Once you've decided that, then you need to determine how great of an area you need to cover and how many devices you require for support. Finally, be sure that you choose the cell signal booster that supports your primary mobile phone carrier; signal boosters come in a variety of ranges to cover large areas and required networks. 


So don’t waste your time to think yes or no for installation. Say yes to signal boosters and make your life much easy and comfortable with fast and amplified signals to make your communications clear and uninterrupted. Take the charge of your space and install a cell booster today. 

Signal Booster South Africa


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LTE Signal Boosters

Posted on 01 Oct 14:53

LTE Mobile Signal Boosters

LTE Signal Boosters

Cell phones have become an everyday essential in today’s modern world. We use them for calling, texting, keeping up with emails and general web browsing, and have come to depend on them as our key source of communication with friends, family and colleagues. However reliable our cell phones are, without signal they can be almost useless unless you have LTE signal boosters.  

Losing cell signal can be one of the most frustrating things, especially when it is right in the middle of that critical phone call or just as you need to send a vital email. Living or working in a building that is notorious for having a bad cell signal is often a nightmare, but one that can be easily fixed with a signal booster. Signal boosters can improve lousy signal in homes and offices by amplifying the little signal that can be received.

Why do I have a bad cell signal?

If you want to fix your poor cell signal problems with a repeater or network booster, then you first need to understand and identify the reasons behind the weak signal. Three main factors can cause a weak phone signal and can be resolved with signal boosters:

1.Your distance from a cell tower

Cell signals are broadcast from towers by local networks such as Vodacom, MTN, Cell C and Telkom. The further you are to a cell tower, then the weaker signal you will receive. Being too far away from a network tower is the most common cause for a weak signal but can be easily resolved with a cell phone signal booster.

2. Construction materials

The materials that your home or office is built from can have an effect on the cell signal you receive inside. Concrete, brick, block, wire mesh and sheet metal are all known to obstruct cell signals, and if you have a good signal outside the building but it drops when you step inside it is probably caused by construction materials. Cell signal boosters can be used to fix this poor signal problem easily by re-transmitting the outdoor signal indoors.

3. Obstacles

The last common reason for a weak cell signal is obstacles between you and the nearest cell tower. This could be a large building, hill or mountain as cell signals cannot penetrate through large barriers. What often happens is the cell signal bounces off other obstacles to reach you, causing a weaker and fluctuating signal. A Vodacom signal booster can be used to resolve this issue by amplifying the weak signal.

How can I improve my cell signal with a network booster?

Once you have identified the reason behind your poor cell signal, you can find a fix using signal boosters. A signal booster is used to pick up the poor signal being received and amplify it, so your devices get a stronger signal. A network booster is made up of an inside antenna, outside antenna and a cell phone signal amplifier.  

The outside antenna should be placed outside your building in a location that receives a cell signal, it must be receiving at least one bar of signal to be able to amplify it, and it is often best to point it in the direction of the closest cell tower. This antenna passes the weak signal to the amplifier in the signal booster which boosts the signal strength.  

The increased signal is then sent to the indoor antenna which re-transmits the signal inside. The interior antenna should be placed in the area in the building that suffers from poor signal strength; some signal boosters allow you to have multiple indoor antennas which is beneficial for large homes or offices.

What is an LTE signal booster?

When looking into the various types of network boosters and repeaters available, you might come across LTE signal boosters and other acronyms such as 3G and 4G. LTE stands for Long Term Evolution and is the path followed to reach 4G speeds on cell devices. Most cell devices will display 4G when in actual fact they are using LTE technology.  

The reason for LTE and 4G being used synonymously is that when the minimum speeds for 4G were set, they were often unreachable and impossible to achieve. The regulating body made the decision that LTE could be labelled as 4G on cell devices as long as it provides a substantial improvement over a 3G signal.  

An LTE signal booster can boost these LTE signals in areas where you receive low internet speeds and poor cell network. Similarly to a 3G signal booster, however LTE will give you faster speeds that are closer to a 4G signal.

LTE Signal Booster - Signal Booster SA

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Cell Signal Booster

Posted on 27 Sep 14:58

Signal Booster 

Cell Signal Booster - Signal Booster South Africa

Our cell phones and mobile devices have become a significant part of our daily lives, and we rely on them for keeping in touch, browsing the internet and generally staying connected to the rest of the world. We often take it for granted that we can use our cell phones 24/7 to communicate with friends, family and colleagues despite the distance they are from us.  

In today’s modern world, mobile devices are not a luxury but a lifestyle we have all become accustomed to. When your cell phone suddenly drops signal, or even worse, your home or office is located in a weak signal area; it makes these vital mobile devices obsolete. This is where a cell signal booster South Africa can be a real game changer. Signal boosters in South Africa can help to improve signals from major South African networks such as Vodacom, MTN, Cell C and Telkom. 

What is a Cell Signal Booster? 

Cell phone signal boosters such as a Vodacom signal booster, work by taking a poor signal and amplifying it for better signal strength in poor receiving areas. Also known as a network booster or repeater, cell signal boosters are made up of an outside antenna, a cell phone signal amplifier and one or more inside antennas.  

When placed in an area that receives a weak network signal, it can repeat and amplify this signal, so your mobile devices can connect to the newly boosted signal. A cellphone signal booster can help to improve 3G and 4G signals from all major networks, meaning you never have to suffer from dropped bars, poor quality phone calls and no internet connection again. 

How does a Cell Signal Booster work? 

A phone booster comes in four separate parts; the exterior antenna, interior antenna, an amplifier for the signal and a cable to connect these together. The cell signal booster will need to be set up by placing the exterior antenna on the roof or other outdoor location of the building that suffers from a weak signal.  

The exterior antenna must be situated in a position that gets at least one bar of signal; if used in an area with no service at all then there is no signal for the repeater to amplify. The signal picked up by the network booster’s exterior antenna is passed through the cable inside the building to the signal amplifier which boosts the existing poor signal.  

Cell Signal Booster - Signal Booster South Africa

The increased signal is transferred to the interior antenna which will re-transmit it and broadcast the strong signal within the property. The cell signal booster’s interior antenna should be placed in the area of the building that suffers from a poor network signal. If you are trying to boost the signal in a large property and multiple rooms, you can get a signal booster with multiple interior antennas to cover a more significant area. 

Four top tips for using a Cell Signal Booster 

Every low signal situation is unique, and it is possible to come across challenges when installing and using a network booster in your home or office. There are a few signal booster tips and tricks you can use to cover yourself from common repeater problems and guarantee you’re getting the best performance from your cell signal booster in South Africa: 

1.Troubleshoot any issues 

There are many different causes for poor signal, including building type and location, and when using a cell signal booster, these causes can still cause problems. Plenty of issues can arise when installing and using a cellphone signal booster and it is essential to troubleshoot to determine what is causing your particular problem. 

2. Exterior antenna placement 

The most vital part of a network booster is the exterior antenna and where it is placed. If your exterior antenna is placed in an area with no service, then it cannot transmit the signal. Make sure your signal boosters’ exterior antenna is positioned in a place where it can pick up at least one bar of signal from your mobile network. 

3. Keep an eye out for oscillation 

Oscillation is common in cell signal boosters and occurs when the signal that is boosted and broadcast from the interior antenna reaches to the outdoor antenna causing a feedback loop. Most signal boosters can mitigate this issue themselves by reducing the power for the one band that is causing the problems, but sometimes the phone booster can’t fix the problem on its own and will display an error.  

The easiest fix for oscillation is to make sure the exterior antenna is pointing away from your roof.

4. Be mindful of overload 

Overload is another problem that can affect cell signal boosters in South Africa, and it occurs when the outside signal is very strong and overloads the amplifier. You can often fix this by positioning the outdoor antenna away from the strong signal, so it picks up less, allowing the amplifier to work at full capacity. 

Signal Booster South Africa


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