Types Of Mobile Repeaters

Posted on 29 Nov 12:59

Mobile Repeaters

Cell Phone Booster - Signal Booster ZA

There are numerous types of cellphone signal boosters or repeaters and so it's worth doing your research to make sure you are purchasing a device best suited to your needs. Some things you need to consider are the area you need to be covered by the cell phone signal booster, the carrier and network you are on, whether or not you need it to boost voice calls as well as data and how many users you want to be able to use the repeater at any given time.

Home Network Boosters 

The home kits are well suited to smaller areas and fewer users such as the Vodacom Voice Signal Booster which covers 250m2 and supports 10 users at a time. Similarly, the 3G Mini Booster is good for homes as it is compatible with all 3G 2100MHz networks and covers the same area as the Vodacom Voice Signal Boost but it supports 25 users at once. However, if you are looking to boost voice coverage, then a 2G repeater will work better than the 3G Mini Booster.

For a larger home, where data coverage needs boosting but not voice coverage, then the 3G Repeater All Networks is a good choice for you as it works well as it is compatible with all high speed 3G 2100MHz data networks and it covers 500m2 and 50 people can use it at once. Another option for coverage for 500m2 is the All Voice and MTN, Vodacom, Cell C 4G Booster Pro. This phone booster can also have 50 people online at once and it is compatible with all South African cellular providers which use 2G and LTE 4G except for Telkom 4G.

Portable Network Booster 

In terms of portable network boosters, a great option for your vehicle is the SB Vehicle Booster. This is perfect for people who drive in areas which are far away from network base stations leading to poor coverage on the road. The SB Vehicle Booster is also an ideal companion for a camping trip, ensuring that you remain connected whilst enjoying the great outdoors. This device works with all South African networks but unfortunately does not cover 3G but instead, 2G for both data and voice calls.

If you are on the move, you can also purchase an MR Conversion Kit which turns any repeater into a portable signal booster. This device is compatible with all repeaters and it comes with an antenna which is mounted on your roof or trunk of your vehicle and a cable runs through to be plugged into the cigarette lighter socket. This adapter works with GSM, 3G and 4G networks.

Large Building Network Boosters

There are more powerful cell phone signal boosters which are well suited to larger buildings such as office spaces and buildings where coverage for multiple storeys is necessary. For example, the All Networks PowerMAX network booster is suitable for an area of 500m2. It covers all networks using 3G and LTE 4G voice calls and data, apart from Telkom 4G. You can add up to 6 antennas if you want to cover multiple floors. The MR PowerMAX GSM 900/3G is compatible with all South African GSM 900 and 3G networks, works for both voice calls and data boosting, covers an area of 1000m2 and enables 75 people to be online at once.

If you want the same area coverage and the same number of users but you would also like a device which also covers high speed LTE 4G then the PowerMAX Tri-Band might suit your needs better as this repeater is compatible with all GSM and 3G data networks as well as LTE 4G for Cell C, MTN and Vodacom (but not Telkom 4G).


Commercial Network Booster

For coverage for up to 2500m2 then there are devices such as the MR PoweMAX GSM 900/3G XT which will work for all GSM 900 and 2100 South African services for both voice calls and data and 200 users can be online at the same time. For a 5000m2 space, then the MR PowerMAX GSM 900/3G XT+ might be the repeater for you as it is also compatible with all GSM 900 and 3G 2100 carriers and 200 users can be active at once. If you need LTE 4G coverage as well then, the PowerMAX 900/1800 XT+ is a great choice as it also covers 500 m2 and allows for 200 users to be active at the same time but it is compatible with LTE 4G for MTN, Vodacom and Cell C but not Telkom 4G. 

The MR PowerMAX Tri-Band XT provides coverage for 1000m2 and 75 users and is compatible with all South African carriers using high speed 3G networks and for LTE 4G for MTN, Vodacom and Cell C but not Telkom 4G. The MR PowerMAX Tri-Band XT+ covers a 5000m2 space and allows for 100 users to benefit from all GSM and 3G data networks as well as LTE 4G for the same carriers, excluding Telkom 4G.

Signal Booster South Africa

If you need to go even bigger then the MR UltraMAX range allows you to set up 50 indoor aerials and more than one base unit can be connected and programmed to different frequencies to ensure that a range of carriers are covered and boosted successfully.

As you can see, Signal Booster South Africa has a wide variety of cell phone repeaters to suit small small and mobile spaces such as your car as well as devices which can cover large areas and numerous floors as well as being able to support a high volume of users. Just work out what your needs are first before selecting the best repeater for you.

Signal Booster South Africa

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Experience with Cell Signal Boosters

Posted on 27 Nov 14:21

Cell Signal Boosters

Cell Booster - Signal Booster South Africa

Many people have reported excellent personal experiences using cell signal boosters to improve the quality of voice calls or data usage on their various mobile devices. People have found it easy to get advice from providers in terms of the best device to suit their home, office space or vehicle, particularly as ensuring you are investing in a device to suit your specific needs is crucial. Quick delivery is something that a lot of people also appear to be grateful for when ordering one of these cellphone signal boosters.

Cell Booster Installation

A technician will normally perform the installation and check that the network booster is working correctly across all of your devices and then regular follow up is usually available to check that you are happy with your purchase and to see if any troubleshooting needs to occur.

People are so relieved to suddenly be able to have full coverage in all areas of their homes and office spaces after years of having to move around in an attempt to find an optimal spot with adequate coverage from which to conduct their business. Many people have had problems with cellphone service coverage due to being too far away from a cellphone tower or due to geographical obstacles such as mountains interfering with cellphone service. Purchasing a cell phone signal booster is the ideal solution to all of these problems.

Signal Booster South Africa

People sitting out in their gardens who wish to work on their mobile devices, whilst enjoying the sunshine are also benefiting from cellphone boosters. So are large farms which were isolated and miles away from cellphone towers. Suddenly they can form a stronger online presence as a result of these repeater devices.

If people are entertaining and wish to play music via Spotify or any other online streaming platform, suddenly this is possible without interruption thanks to cellphone boosting technology. A cellphone signal booster means that downloading or streaming movies from iTunes and Netflix is now possible, whether they are to be enjoyed from home or during a plane or train ride.

Many people are recommending signal boosters to their friends and families, having benefited so much from a stronger signal themselves, as a result of the repeater device. Some people take the opportunity to recommend cellphone signal boosters during work networking events as they have seen first-hand how they have transformed communications in their own workplace.

People are commenting on how amazing it feels to finally be able to have uninterrupted video calls with loved ones in other countries using a device such a Vodacom signal booster. These products are bringing people closer together again after they have felt cut off for a long time due to poor cellphone signal. Grandparents with children and grandkids on the other side of the world are finally able to see them growing up via video calls thanks to cellphone boosters and this has meant so much to both parties emotionally. These boosters also help long distance couples to keep their relationship going as regular contact is so crucial and having poor cellphone service can be a deal-breaker when it comes to keeping the flame alive.

Advantages Of A Cellphone Signal Booster 

Having a cell phone booster in the car has transformed the commute to work for many people as suddenly having good coverage whilst driving along means that they can conduct business calls from the comfort of their car, using a hands-free set. This has enabled them to have more spare time with their families in the evening as they can square away business en route home. Or, for people who are arriving home too late for their kids' bedtime, they are able to say goodnight to their children via a mobile device, thanks to a signal booster which ensures that they are not cut-off mid-sentence.

Offices are now running more efficiently thanks to the repeaters which provide coverage for multiple floors and this has revolutionised businesses who were previously having to rely on poor coverage. This would have led to a loss of business as calls would have been interrupted, causing clients get frustrated and to take their business elsewhere. Suddenly businesses can remain connected 24/7 and not have to worry about poor service when brokering deals either nationally or internationally.


Office Cell Signal Booster - South Africa

People's experiences with purchasing cellphone signal boosters seem to be very positive as these devices have opened doors for better communication with loved ones, broadened entertainment possibilities such as downloading and streaming music and movies and enabled offices to run more smoothly and without interruptions in communication.

Signal Booster South Africa

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Network Booster

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Network Booster - South Africa 

Signal Booster - South Africa

Many places in South Africa suffer from poor cell receptions. There is nothing worse when this is where you live, as not being able to use your cell phone at home as intended is incredibly frustrating. Missing calls due to a poor signal is bad enough, but it’s even worse when the calls that you do receive are grainy or impossible to hear.

Texts come through slower - if at all - while poor signals also impact the transfer of internet data across mobile networks. This is seriously annoying for anyone that relies on mobile data rather than Wi-Fi, making it almost impossible to use the internet on your phone.

Thankfully, there are devices that solve the problem of a poor cell phone signal and all the issues it causes - a cell phone network booster.

What Is A Cell Phone Network Booster?

As the name suggests a cell phone network booster is a device used to boost cell phone signals. Also called a signal booster, phone booster, and repeater, a network signal booster helps to significantly improve a cell phone signal, allowing users to make and receive calls and use their internet data.

What Are The Advantages of a Cell Phone Network Booster?

You gain plenty of benefits from using a cell phone network booster. The most obvious is that the cell phone is far more functional, with calls and texts regularly being received, while the overall quality of phone calls is much improved. You’ll also find that battery life for cell phones improves, as operating with a weak signal drains the battery much quicker.

Additionally, a network booster drastically improves the transferring of internet data from cell phone towers to the mobile device. This means that mobile data flows quickly with a strong signal, allowing users to browse the internet without any lag. Upload and download speeds are much better, while streaming music and video is possible thanks to a good signal booster device.

Those living in remote areas of South Africa may not even get their mobile data due to poor signal strength, making a network booster a worthwhile investment.

The Different Types Of Cell Phone Network Boosters

If you’re considering using a cell phone network booster to improve your cell phone’s internet, it’s important to choose the right repeater for your network. As South African mobile network providers operate on various frequency bands for their calls, 3G, and 4G data transfers, there are various signal boosters that are compatible with each of these frequencies.

For example, a Vodacom signal booster works with the various frequency bands that Vodacom, South Africa’s largest mobile network provider, operate on.

There are repeaters that are compatible with all South Africa’s major mobile networks and the frequency bands the operate on, including a Vodacom signal booster, LTE signal booster, Cell C signal booster, MTN signal booster, GSM signal booster, or a Telkom signal booster.

Certain mobile networks operate on the same frequency too. For example, a Telkom signal booster and Vodacom signal booster operate on GSM band, UMTS band, and LTE band.

There are also signal booster devices designed specially to improve calls and not mobile data, while others are designed to improve the calls and data, with a 3G signal booster and 4G signal booster widely available.

It’s easy to find compatible network booster devices however, as most advertise what mobile networks they are compatible with, so providing you know your network you should find one with ease.

3G Signal Booster Or 4G Signal Booster?

You may notice that a cell phone signal booster may be a 3G signal booster or 4G signal booster. Because each of these mobile data networks operate on separate frequency bands, you need to decide which is most suitable your mobile phone.

If 4G signals are available where you live in South Africa then we recommend buying a 4G signal booster. This greatly improves the internet connection for your mobile data, with 4G speeds being very impressive, including fast downloads, uploads, streaming, and data transfer in general.

This may be a wise choice if you have tablet that uses mobile data, as this will greatly improve the overall data transfer and internet function on the device. Many modern phones use 4G technology too, so make sure to take advantage of this with a suitable booster.

Remember, not all areas in South Africa receive 4G coverage. In this case, only a 3G signal booster is worth buying, unless you know 4G will reach your location sooner than later. Most mobile devices still use 3G data anyway, while the network booster device is usually cheaper because it doesn’t require the separate frequency band for 4G.

Signal Booster South Africa

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Improve Cell Phone Reception

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How to Improve Cell Phone Reception

Cell Signal Booster - Signal Booster ZA

Do you constantly suffer from a poor cell phone reception at home or work? There are fewer things more frustrating, as a lack of signal makes your cell phone almost useless. With poor call quality, missed calls, slow text responses, and the battery being drained quicker, there are several reasons why a poor cell phone reception makes life difficult.

What Causes Poor Cell Phone Reception?

Many homes and businesses in South Africa suffer from poor cell phone receptions. There are many reasons why this may happen, with the most common being remote locations are too far from cell phone towers that transmit the signal. The further distance the signal needs to travel the weaker it is.

In rarer instances, there are massive geographical barriers that block the signal from being carried, with mountains and other natural landmarks often causing poor signal reception. Thankfully this is not too common, as improving the cell phone signal in these circumstances is almost impossible.

That said, there are barriers that constantly disrupt cell signals, with buildings and structures often limiting the signal strength as cell signal struggle to pass through these dense materials. Therefore, you often get a poor signal despite living in cities and built-up areas, while homes often cause signals to become inadvertently weaker due to the various materials like glass, concrete, wood, metals etc.

How Do You Improve Cell Phone Reception?

Most of the reasons for a poor cell phone reception are easily overcome with a cell phone signal booster. These devices, often called a network booster, cell signal booster, or repeater, can significantly improve cell phone receptions with little effort.

While there are other effective ways to improve a cell phone receptions, signal boosters are unquestionably the best way to drastically improve signals at home or work. Furthermore, a network booster offers a permanent solution and is simple to install at home, making it a worthwhile investment for anyone looking to improve their cell phone reception.

How Do Signal Boosters Work?

Signal boosters are a simple yet effective telecommunications device. They consist of a few components that work together to provide a boosted signal throughout a space. This is most commonly done in homes, where the signal boosters are attached inside and outside to pick up and improve. the cell phone reception.

You need to work out where the nearest cell phone tower is before buying a repeater however, as it needs a faint signal to pick up and boost. Check to see if you have any bars outside - even a small amount is enough.

A phone booster features two antenna, a signal booster, and cables to connect each part. The external antenna goes outside and faces the direction of the nearest cell phone tower. Its powerful antenna can easily pick up faint signals from distant cell towers.

This antenna carries the weaker signal and sends it to the signal booster, which boosts the overall signal strength to give a better cell phone reception. The improved signal is then carried to the internal antenna, which broadcasts the signal across a specific area - this ranges from a few hundred square metres to several thousand square metres. Phones within the coverage area receive a much stronger signal, allowing them to be used as intended without ever dealing with poor a reception again.  

Reasons To Buy A Signal Booster

A signal booster greatly increases the cell phone reception - it could make the signal as much as 32 times stronger! This means you no longer need to worry about one or two bars for your reception, as a repeater keeps the signal strong and consistent wherever it’s placed, which is why they’re such a good idea for homes where cell receptions are poor.

With a better cell phone reception from a phone booster, call quality is greatly improved, while drop calls become a thing of the past. Never worry about losing a connection just because you moved from one room to another!

Also, network boosters offer improvements for mobile data too. These improve data transfers that result in quicker upload and download speeds, with 3G signal boosters and 4G signal boosters available.

Buying a signal booster is very simple too. Most are designed to accommodate the top South African mobile network providers, so it’s just a case of matching it to your network. There is a Vodacom signal booster, Telkom signal booster, Cell C signal booster, and MTN signal booster, so every network is covered.


Signal Booster South Africa

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Best Cell Boosters

Posted on 14 Nov 12:12

Best Cell Phone Boosters for Remote Areas in South Africa

Cell Signal Booster - South Africa

Living in remote areas of South Africa has its drawbacks. For most people, it’s a lack of good cell phone coverage. With cell phone towers few and far between in remote locations, getting a cell phone signal is often impossible.

This is understandably frustrating for people living in these areas, as a poor cell phone signal makes your phone almost useless. From dropped calls to poor call quality to a lack of mobile internet, poor signals are a big issue for many people living remote areas in South Africa.

However, there is a simple but effective way to solve the problem of poor cell phone signals - buying a cell phone signal booster. Available for a modest investment, a cell phone signal booster (also known as a repeater or network booster) improves the signal you receive by attaching a few antenna around the house.

Even homes in the most remote areas in South Africa benefit from a cellphone signal booster, as the devices are effective at picking up distant signals from cell phone towers and boosting it to remote locations.

How Does a Cell Phone Signal Booster Work?

While signal boosters sound complex, how they work is actually quite simple. Consisting of an internal antenna, external antenna, and signal booster, these devices are fitted around a property to pick up cell phone signals and improve them.

The external antenna is attached outside of the house, typically on the roof or walls. This has a powerful receiver that picks up distant cell phone signals that are usually too weak to reach remote areas in South Africa.  

This signal is then transferred to the signal booster device, which further amplifies the signal and then sends it to the inside antenna, which re-broadcasts it (like a cell phone tower), allowing the phone to receive the much-improved signal.

All these components are included with any cell phone signal booster package you buy and are easy to install.

What Are The Benefits of Using a Cell Phone Signal Booster?

If you live in a remote area of South Africa that struggles to receive a decent cell phone signal then a mobile signal booster is a great investment to make. The most notable advantage is greatly improved cell phone signals - expect to go from little to no bars to a full signal bar with this device.

With this comes a range of benefits, including much better voice clarity on every call, meaning no more frustrating phone calls with grainy or broken up voices. You also greatly reduce the chances of missed or dropped calls from a poor signal, as your phone almost always has a signal so shouldn’t miss anything.

Better still, there are 3G and 4G signal boosters available too. These devices are designed to improve the speed transfer of mobile data, meaning you can finally use your mobile data at home too. Expect better download and upload speeds, the ability to stream music and videos, and download apps and other handy features for your cell phone.

Why Are There Different Types of Cell Phone Signal Boosters?

You may notice that there are several types of network boosters available to buy in South Africa. It may seem confusing and make you unsure of which one to buy, but they all function in the same way.

The main difference is because South African mobile network providers operate on different frequency bands. For instance, a Vodacom signal booster is the most popular in South Africa as they are the biggest mobile network provider.

However, there are mobile signal boosters for all major network operators in South Africa. This means you buy whatever one is compatible with your mobile network, such as an LTE signal booster, Cell C signal booster, MTN signal booster, GSM signal booster, or a Telkom signal booster.

Many of these operate on the same frequency band too, while you also get multi-band boosters that operate on several frequencies. This is great for homes with mobiles that operate on different frequency bands, allowing the repeater to boost signals on various frequencies at once.  

Which Is Best for Remote Areas?

When looking for a signal booster for remote areas in South Africa you have plenty of options available. You need to consider the overall size of the property before buying a signal booster, as you want enough coverage to provide a signal throughout the property.

Signal boosters come with various coverage options, from as little as 500smq to upwards of 3,000sqm, so think about how much coverage your home or workplace needs. Also, remember the network you operate on and choose a compatible cell signal booster.

Finally, consider whether you need a 3G or 4G signal booster. Some are designed to boost both while others are specific to one or none of these, boosting just mobile signals.

Signal Booster South Africa

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3G Cell Repeater

Posted on 13 Nov 13:36

3G Signal Booster 

3G Cell Booster - South Africa

Despite being the third generation of wireless mobile technology, 3G remains widely used by mobile phones throughout South Africa. In fact, even with the fourth generation ‘4G’ being available for several years in South Africa, countless cell phone owners still see their mobile data transfer across 3G frequency bands.

However, even the older 3G signal suffers from poor receptions throughout the country. Whether from natural or man-made obstacles or cell towers being too far from the area, many people’s cell phones have poor data signals, making their mobile internet effectively useless.

What’s worse is that when dealing with a poor 3G signal, you’re probably dealing with a poor cell phone signal in general. This means making and receiving calls is difficult, while those that do connect are often poor quality or drop in the middle of the call. Combined with a lack of mobile internet and it becomes quite the issue for mobile phone owners across South Africa.

To address this problem, many are now investing in a cell phone signal booster to improve their mobile internet and call quality!

What Is A Cell Phone Signal Booster?

Signal boosters, also called a repeater or network booster, helps to improve the signal quality in places that suffer from poor receptions. They feature a few antenna and a signal booster device that amplifies signal strength to provide phones with a better reception.

Why Use a Cell Phone Signal Booster?

If you struggle to get 3G functionality on your cell phone then a signal booster may be the perfect solution. As network boosters carry the signals carried across the 3G frequency bands, you basically guarantee that your phone receives a better signal, allowing it to use various mobile data functions.

Not only does this include better browsing speeds, but improved uploads and downloads, which is handy for buying songs, uploading photographs to social media, and other general internet usage on mobile phones.

Plus, a network booster is also capable of improving signal strengths for calls too, although some devices are designed to improve 3G signals only.

Those that improve both calls and internet aren’t that expensive in any case, allowing users to improve the internet speeds on their mobile as well as call quality, meaning no dropped calls, missed calls, or poor audio during calls.

Should you only need the internet data to improve, there are dedicated 3G signal boosters, while those with 4G data can also purchase a 4G signal booster.

How to Buy the Right 3G Signal Booster

If you need a 3G signal booster there are various options available, any of which may suitable for your requirements.

Frequency Bands

It’s important to remember that there are various types of cell phone signal boosters to accommodate the various frequency bands that carry mobile signals across South Africa.

A great thing about 3G signal boosters is that one device covers every network provider in the country. This is because 3G is carried on the UMTS frequency bands, with every South African mobile network provider operating on at least one UMTS band.

This means that a Vodacom signal booster, Telkom signal booster, or MTN signal booster are all typically compatible with 3G.

Signal boosters that improve both calls and 3G are 2-band devices, with one frequency used to carry 3G signals and other frequencies carrying the call signals. 3G signals are the same across South Africa, but networks use various bands for their calls.

So, it’s just a case of buying a signal booster that is compatible with your network for calls and it will be good for 3G too!

Dedicated 3G Signal Booster

Additionally, there are also dedicated 3G signal booster devices.

These don’t improve calls, just the internet speeds, making them some of the cheapest around. It’s a great investment for anyone that wants to just improve their 3G speeds at home or work. These are a type of single-band network booster, being the most affordable sold in South Africa.

If you want to improve 3G and 4G, then a more complex multi-band signal booster is needed because 4G is carried on LTE frequencies, while 3G is carried on UMTS. These also improve call quality, so are generally the most expensive types available.

Coverage is Important

Be sure to consider the coverage of a cell phone signal booster too. You may only need to improve 3G, but if the coverage for the signal booster is not big enough then some devices may struggle to receive the improved signal.

Coverage generally starts at a few hundred square metres, with between 300-500smq good for homes and home offices. Anything above 1,000 sqm is suitable for larger properties, while commercial buildings likely need a much more powerful signal booster with coverage upwards of 5,000sqm.

If you are having trouble selecting a cell signal booster please don't hesitate to contact us


Signal Booster South Africa

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Mobile Repeater

Posted on 09 Nov 14:05

What Is A Mobile Phone Signal Repeater?

3G Signal Booster - Signal Booster South Africa

A mobile phone signal repeater is a reception-boosting device that works by taking the signal from an area where reception is strong, and amplifying (or repeating) it to an area where the signal isn’t very good. The three main parts of a mobile phone signal repeater are: an internal rebroadcast antenna to boost the signal to the required area, a reception antenna to receive the signal, and an amplifier that acts as a phone signal booster.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Mobile Repeater?

The main benefit of using a mobile phone repeater is to boost the phone signal that you receive. Phone reception can be affected by an array of different obstructions, from sizeable trees to building construction materials. A mobile repeater helps to circumvent these obstructions.

The installation of a mobile phone signal booster could mean that an area that previously had a poor signal quality of 1 bar could become an area of high-quality reception with full bars. By doing this, you will have a much better call experience with clearer use and less dropped calls.

Check out signal boosters to find one that best suits your needs.

Where Can I Use A Mobile Repeater?

A mobile phone repeater is designed to be simple to install and is perfect for use in the following areas:

  • Home use. More and more consumers are beginning to use mobiles to replace pricey landline phones in their home, and a mobile repeater helps to provide a stronger signal to homes where connection may be weak. A good home mobile phone signal repeater is the 3G mini booster due to its effectiveness in moderately small areas.   
  • Business use. In modern-day society, mobile phone signal boosters are becoming a necessity, rather than an indulgence. A mobile repeater not only benefits the owners of a business, but also its customers and employers. The all networks powermax booster is a great business mobile phone signal repeater as it can support around 50 users and covers an area of around 500 square metres.  
  • Vehicle use. Another common use for mobile signal boosters in South Africa is in vehicles. A mobile repeater device will help enhance the reception during journeys in low signal areas. For a good vehicle mobile phone signal repeater, check out the signal booster vehicle booster

  • Using a mobile phone repeater in any of the above ways is a great way to improve your home and/or business life by providing a clear and stable phone signal booster that will enhance connection considerably. 

    Are Mobile Phone Signal Repeaters Easy To Use?

    Yes. Mobile signal booster kits are designed in a way that makes them accessible to everybody and are very easy to install. Whether you need a device for home, business or vehicle use, each mobile repeater kit comes with a set of detailed instructions that make the installation process very simple, and there is no need for any technical expertise.

    Follow the link here to see some easy to use mobile phone repeater kits.

    How Does A Mobile Phone Signal Booster Work?

    After installing your mobile repeater in an area that needs a signal booster, the reception is first captured by an outside antenna. Following this, the repeater then amplifies the signal before broadcasting it across your desired location.

    This then results in a much stronger connection for all of your mobile devices within the repeater catchment area, allowing you to enjoy faster internet browsing, clearer voice and video calls, and ultra-fast upload and download speeds.

    Why Do I Need A Mobile Phone Repeater?

    For those who have ever lost mobile signal during an important phone call, video conference meeting, or just whilst browsing the internet, you will understand how frustrating it can be.

    Too many things to list in modern day society revolve around having a good mobile reception, and when they become unstable (and they often do) it can be highly irritating. A mobile phone repeater is a device that counters this problem and can curb the frustrations borne out of it.   

    Can I Use A Mobile Repeater With My Frequency?

    Mobile signal boosters are available for a variety of frequencies and the phone repeater that you get should match the frequency as your carrier. Most carriers are on a frequency of 900 or 1800 Mhz, but some high-speed 3G and 4G networks use different frequencies.

    If you are having trouble choosing the correct mobile signal booster please don't hesitate to contact us and one of our team will help you. 

    Signal Booster South Africa

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    3G Signal Booster South Africa

    Posted on 02 Nov 13:44

    3G Cell Phone Signal Booster 

    3G Signal Booster - Signal Booster South Africa

    A cell phone signal booster is a device that can create a stronger and more reliable mobile signal for your cell phone. If you live or work in an area that suffers from poor mobile signal, it can be infuriating and get in the way of your everyday life. We depend on our mobile devices for so much, from keeping in touch with friends and family to important work calls and emails.  

    When you’re in an area with bad reception, it can be a real pain, but that is where a signal booster can help. Signal boosters can make your call and data connections much more reliable and stronger than before. 

    Network Booster Basics 

    Mobile network dead zones are not uncommon; we’ve all encountered them every now and then. A dead zone is an area where you have no or very little mobile signal making it impossible to use your phone for making a call, searching the web or sending a text message. This issue can be extremely frustrating, and for those who have dead zones in their home or office, it can be a serious issue.  

    It is possible to have just one room in a building that suffers from poor signal because of its location or obstructions. This is where a phone booster can help. 

    A cell phone signal booster is a handy gadget that uses an antenna and an amplifier to boost your mobile signal. This allows you to carry on using your mobile devices as you wish, even in cell signal dead zones. Signal boosters, or repeaters as they are sometimes called, will improve your phone reception and data signal such as 3G or 4G LTE.  

    Mobile signal might be compromised in a certain area because of building construction, obstructions or the distance from your carrier’s cellular tower. 3G signal boosters and 4G signal boosters come in various different types and powers, and prices depend on the supported bandwidth, network carrier and the number of amplifiers. 

    Why Use A Signal Booster? 

    If you regularly suffer from poor mobile phone signal in your home or office, then you might consider buying a network booster to resolve the issue. Those who live in areas with poor cell signal, or work in an area with poor reception, will benefit greatly from a cellphone signal booster.  

    Boosters can help to prevent dropped calls, poor call signal and weak internet signals. This means you can stay connected and in the loop as your mobile devices will have a reliable and constant signal from the network booster. 

    How Does A Phone Booster Work? 

    Signal boosters are made up of three main components which work together to capture and retransmit the cell signal. There is an antenna that should be positioned outdoors in a place that receives a mobile phone signal. This antenna can obtain a strong, reliable signal by being correctly positioned in a location that can receive two or three bars of signal.  

    Network booster antennae are either uni-directional (this type is used for exceptionally poor signal or to amplify the signal of a single carrier) or omni-directional - this is used for moderately bad reception or to boost the mobile signal from multiple different carriers. 

    The antenna will then pass this signal to the cellular repeater or amplifier over a cable. The amplifier is the part of the signal booster that boosts the mobile signal and improves its strength. Once the cellular repeater has boosted the weak signal, it passes it onto an indoor antenna that should be located in the area that suffers from poor signal.  

    This second antenna will then distribute the new boosted signal around the nearby area in your building. Some signal boosters allow you to have multiple indoor antennas if you need to boost the signal in a larger area. 

    What To Consider When Choosing A Cellphone Signal Booster? 

    One of the first things you should think about when choosing your new signal booster is your mobile carrier. Not every network booster will work with every mobile network in South Africa, and it is vital to choose one that will work with all your devices. You can choose a specific network booster such as a Vodacom network booster, MTN signal booster or a Telkom signal booster 

    Alternatively, you can get some LTE signal boosters that will work across more than one network frequency. As well as basic compatibility issues, you will also need to choose a booster that is the correct size for your space. Consider how large the space is that suffers from weak signal, and shop around for a signal booster that will adequately cover this space. 


    Signal Booster South Africa


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    MTN Signal Booster

    Posted on 01 Nov 13:27

    MTN Cell Signal Booster 

    MTN Signal Booster - Signal Booster SA

    Choosing the best signal booster or repeater for your house, office or apartment can be confusing. There is a lot to consider when it comes to signal boosters, and in order to get the best one for your poor signal situation, you need to properly understand how they work and what is causing your weak mobile signal.  

    If you are struggling with a weak MTN mobile signal in your home or workplace, it can be very frustrating and become a nuisance in your daily life. A cell phone signal booster could be an easy fix to this issue and resolve your poor signal problems. 

    What Causes Poor MTN Mobile Signal? 

    Poor cell phone signal is a common problem in South Africa and beyond, and MTN signal problems are just as common as with any other network provider. A large number of people suffer from poor mobile signal, particularly in homes or offices. 

    MTN Signal Booster - Signal Booster South Africa

    There is a range of issues that could be causing your weak signal, and in order to choose the best cellphone signal booster, you should identify the cause of your signal problems. The main causes of poor mobile signal are: 

    • Distance: If you are too far away from the nearest cell phone tower, your signal strength will suffer. You will need to be within a reasonable range from an MTN tower in order to get a decent MTN signal on your devices. 
    • Construction Materials: One of the most common reasons for poor signal within your home or office is construction materials. Cellular signals struggle to pass through metal and concrete in the walls of your home, so depending on your building this could be the cause of your weak signal. If you receive a good signal outside and then lose it when you step inside, it is likely this is the cause. 
    • Obstructions: Another common cause is geographical obstructions between you and the nearest cell tower. If there are mountains, hills or any other large obstructions near your home, they could be preventing the MTN cell signal reaching you. 

    How Does A Phone Booster Work? 

    Once you have identified the cause for your poor signal, you need to understand how a network booster works in order to decide if it will be able to resolve your weak signal or not. A cell signal booster is made up of four basic components: 

    1. An External Antenna: Every network booster will come with an antenna that must be positioned outside your building. Typically, this will be mounted on a roof or external wall where there is the best possible mobile signal. Try to face it in the direction of your local mobile tower with as few obstructions as possible. 
    2. A Cell Signal Booster: Also known as the amplifier. This is the heart of your signal booster and is responsible for receiving the weak signal from the external antenna and amplifying it to create a strong signal. Every cell phone signal booster or repeater is designed to cover a specific distance, so look into this when choosing the best signal booster for you. 
    3. An Internal Antenna: The indoor antenna should be placed inside your building. This part will communicate the amplified signal to your mobile devices. Every interior antenna will have its own broadcasting distance which indicates how far the boosted signal will reach. 
    4. Coax Cables: Signal boosters use coax cables to connect the two antennas to the cell signal booster. These cables can come in various types and the longer a piece of cable, the more signal will be lost between the connections. 

    What Type Of Network Booster Do I Need? 

    There are two aspects to consider when deciding the type of lte signal booster you need. The first thing to decide is the type of technology you want; you can choose either a 4G signal booster or a 3G signal booster.  A 3G signal booster supports 3G data connections and speeds, this is an older type of technology and becoming outdated quickly. A 4G signal booster supports 4G speeds, this is much faster and more common in new smartphones. 

    The second thing to consider is the mobile network that you want your new cell phone signal booster to amplify. Every mobile network operates on a different frequency, and it is essential to get a repeater that is compatible with your network. You can choose specific network boosters such as an MTN signal booster, Vodacom signal booster or Telkom signal booster. Some mobile signal boosters can support multiple networks so be sure to check yours is supported before making a final decision. 

    Signal Booster South Africa

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    Telkom Signal Booster

    Posted on 31 Oct 17:30

    Telkom Cell Booster 

    Telkom Signal Booster - Signal Booster ZA

    In today’s modern world, being without a functioning cell phone can leave you feeling like you’ve lost a limb. We depend on our mobile devices for our everyday lives, whether it is keeping in touch with loved ones, checking our emails or browsing the web. When we suddenly find ourselves in a situation where our mobile devices have lost signal, it can be incredibly frustrating.  

    If you live or work in a building that suffers from bad cell phone signal all the time, it can be a real nuisance on your life. Signal boosters such as a Telkom signal booster can be used to fix this problem and get your mobile signal back on track. 

    What Is A Cell Phone Signal Booster? 

    A phone booster or repeater is a device that is designed to capture an outdoor signal and repeat it inside your home, office or any indoor space. A cellphone signal booster can eliminate dropped calls and improve the overall cell reception.  

    If you can make a phone call or receive mobile signal outside your property, then a signal booster can work for you. Various signal boosters have different functions and properties, and it is essential to get a signal booster that is correct for you and your mobile devices. 

    What Causes Poor Mobile Signal? 

    In order to properly understand what type of network booster you need, it is essential to be able to identify the cause of your bad signal. A few different factors can cause weak mobile signal, and once you know what the reason for your bad signal is, you can choose an LTE signal booster that will work for you. 

    Cell Booster - Signal Booster ZA

    Mobile signal can be affected by distance; if you are located quite far away from a Telkom mobile tower, then your signal may be weak because of this. Another factor that affects mobile signal is obstructions between you and the closest mobile tower. If there are large objects such as geographic features like hills, mountains or rocks, or manmade structures such as buildings and walls, then these can stop the mobile signal from getting to you.  

    Conductive materials such as copper and aluminium are particularly well known for affecting cell phone signal. A cell phone signal booster can overcome all of these issues, as long as outside your property you receive some form of signal. Unfortunately, if you receive no service at all outside your property then a signal booster cannot work as there is no cell signal for it to amplify. 

    How Does A Phone Booster Work? 

    A signal booster will capture a weak cell signal, amplify it and then broadcast it into a space that suffers from poor signal. These signal boosters will work for large or small homes, apartments, offices or any commercial buildings that are affected by poor signal. No matter what type of network booster you choose, it will be made up of: 

    • An outdoor antenna: This needs to be installed on the outside of the building and captures the cell signal. 
    • A signal booster: This will receive the signal from the outside antenna and amplify the signal strength. 
    • An indoor antenna: You may have one or more indoor antennas, and they are installed inside to distribute the amplified signal to the area that receives a poor signal. 
    • Cables: The outdoor antenna, signal booster and indoor antennas are all connected by cables. 

    Types Of Signal Boosters 

    There are various types of cell phone signal boosters available in South Africa, and they depend on the mobile network you use. Some network boosters are compatible with multiple networks while others are specific such as a Telkom signal booster, Vodacom signal booster or MTN signal booster. The reasons for the different signal boosters is that every mobile network provider operates on a different frequency, and you will need to choose one that works with your providers frequency.  

    As well as the various carriers for network boosters, you can also choose various antenna types. Directional antennas are designed to access one specific cellphone tower by having a very focused window of reception. This type of signal booster antenna can often reach mobile towers that are much further than an omni-directional antenna can.  

    Omni-directional antennas can access multiple towers simultaneously in order to convert a weak signal to a strong one. Omni-directional antennas are perfect if you want to boost multiple networks as they can pick up signals from multiple towers at the same time. This type of network booster works best if you have a moderate to strong mobile signal outside your property. 

    If you are having trouble selecting the correct cell signal booster to fit your needs. Please don't hesitate to contact us. 

    Signal Booster South Africa


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