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Despite being the third generation of wireless mobile technology, 3G remains widely used by mobile phones throughout South Africa. In fact, even with the fourth generation ‘4G’ being available for several years in South Africa, countless cell phone owners still see their mobile data transfer across 3G frequency bands.

However, even the older 3G signal suffers from poor receptions throughout the country. Whether from natural or man-made obstacles or cell towers being too far from the area, many people’s cell phones have poor data signals, making their mobile internet effectively useless.

What’s worse is that when dealing with a poor 3G signal, you’re probably dealing with a poor cell phone signal in general. This means making and receiving calls is difficult, while those that do connect are often poor quality or drop in the middle of the call. Combined with a lack of mobile internet and it becomes quite the issue for mobile phone owners across South Africa.

To address this problem, many are now investing in a cell phone signal booster to improve their mobile internet and call quality!

What Is A Cell Phone Signal Booster?

Signal boosters, also called a repeater or network booster, helps to improve the signal quality in places that suffer from poor receptions. They feature a few antenna and a signal booster device that amplifies signal strength to provide phones with a better reception.

Why Use a Cell Phone Signal Booster?

If you struggle to get 3G functionality on your cell phone then a signal booster may be the perfect solution. As network boosters carry the signals carried across the 3G frequency bands, you basically guarantee that your phone receives a better signal, allowing it to use various mobile data functions.

Not only does this include better browsing speeds, but improved uploads and downloads, which is handy for buying songs, uploading photographs to social media, and other general internet usage on mobile phones.

Plus, a network booster is also capable of improving signal strengths for calls too, although some devices are designed to improve 3G signals only.

Those that improve both calls and internet aren’t that expensive in any case, allowing users to improve the internet speeds on their mobile as well as call quality, meaning no dropped calls, missed calls, or poor audio during calls.

Should you only need the internet data to improve, there are dedicated 3G signal boosters, while those with 4G data can also purchase a 4G signal booster.

How to Buy the Right 3G Signal Booster

If you need a 3G signal booster there are various options available, any of which may suitable for your requirements.

Frequency Bands

It’s important to remember that there are various types of cell phone signal boosters to accommodate the various frequency bands that carry mobile signals across South Africa.

A great thing about 3G signal boosters is that one device covers every network provider in the country. This is because 3G is carried on the UMTS frequency bands, with every South African mobile network provider operating on at least one UMTS band.

This means that a Vodacom signal booster, Telkom signal booster, or MTN signal booster are all typically compatible with 3G.

Signal boosters that improve both calls and 3G are 2-band devices, with one frequency used to carry 3G signals and other frequencies carrying the call signals. 3G signals are the same across South Africa, but networks use various bands for their calls.

So, it’s just a case of buying a signal booster that is compatible with your network for calls and it will be good for 3G too!

Dedicated 3G Signal Booster

Additionally, there are also dedicated 3G signal booster devices.

These don’t improve calls, just the internet speeds, making them some of the cheapest around. It’s a great investment for anyone that wants to just improve their 3G speeds at home or work. These are a type of single-band network booster, being the most affordable sold in South Africa.

If you want to improve 3G and 4G, then a more complex multi-band signal booster is needed because 4G is carried on LTE frequencies, while 3G is carried on UMTS. These also improve call quality, so are generally the most expensive types available.

Coverage is Important

Be sure to consider the coverage of a cell phone signal booster too. You may only need to improve 3G, but if the coverage for the signal booster is not big enough then some devices may struggle to receive the improved signal.

Coverage generally starts at a few hundred square metres, with between 300-500smq good for homes and home offices. Anything above 1,000 sqm is suitable for larger properties, while commercial buildings likely need a much more powerful signal booster with coverage upwards of 5,000sqm.

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