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3G Signal Booster - Signal Booster South Africa

A cell phone signal booster is a device that can create a stronger and more reliable mobile signal for your cell phone. If you live or work in an area that suffers from poor mobile signal, it can be infuriating and get in the way of your everyday life. We depend on our mobile devices for so much, from keeping in touch with friends and family to important work calls and emails.  

When you’re in an area with bad reception, it can be a real pain, but that is where a signal booster can help. Signal boosters can make your call and data connections much more reliable and stronger than before. 

Network Booster Basics 

Mobile network dead zones are not uncommon; we’ve all encountered them every now and then. A dead zone is an area where you have no or very little mobile signal making it impossible to use your phone for making a call, searching the web or sending a text message. This issue can be extremely frustrating, and for those who have dead zones in their home or office, it can be a serious issue.  

It is possible to have just one room in a building that suffers from poor signal because of its location or obstructions. This is where a phone booster can help. 

A cell phone signal booster is a handy gadget that uses an antenna and an amplifier to boost your mobile signal. This allows you to carry on using your mobile devices as you wish, even in cell signal dead zones. Signal boosters, or repeaters as they are sometimes called, will improve your phone reception and data signal such as 3G or 4G LTE.  

Mobile signal might be compromised in a certain area because of building construction, obstructions or the distance from your carrier’s cellular tower. 3G signal boosters and 4G signal boosters come in various different types and powers, and prices depend on the supported bandwidth, network carrier and the number of amplifiers. 

Why Use A Signal Booster? 

If you regularly suffer from poor mobile phone signal in your home or office, then you might consider buying a network booster to resolve the issue. Those who live in areas with poor cell signal, or work in an area with poor reception, will benefit greatly from a cellphone signal booster.  

Boosters can help to prevent dropped calls, poor call signal and weak internet signals. This means you can stay connected and in the loop as your mobile devices will have a reliable and constant signal from the network booster. 

How Does A Phone Booster Work? 

Signal boosters are made up of three main components which work together to capture and retransmit the cell signal. There is an antenna that should be positioned outdoors in a place that receives a mobile phone signal. This antenna can obtain a strong, reliable signal by being correctly positioned in a location that can receive two or three bars of signal.  

Network booster antennae are either uni-directional (this type is used for exceptionally poor signal or to amplify the signal of a single carrier) or omni-directional - this is used for moderately bad reception or to boost the mobile signal from multiple different carriers. 

The antenna will then pass this signal to the cellular repeater or amplifier over a cable. The amplifier is the part of the signal booster that boosts the mobile signal and improves its strength. Once the cellular repeater has boosted the weak signal, it passes it onto an indoor antenna that should be located in the area that suffers from poor signal.  

This second antenna will then distribute the new boosted signal around the nearby area in your building. Some signal boosters allow you to have multiple indoor antennas if you need to boost the signal in a larger area. 

What To Consider When Choosing A Cellphone Signal Booster? 

One of the first things you should think about when choosing your new signal booster is your mobile carrier. Not every network booster will work with every mobile network in South Africa, and it is vital to choose one that will work with all your devices. You can choose a specific network booster such as a Vodacom network booster, MTN signal booster or a Telkom signal booster 

Alternatively, you can get some LTE signal boosters that will work across more than one network frequency. As well as basic compatibility issues, you will also need to choose a booster that is the correct size for your space. Consider how large the space is that suffers from weak signal, and shop around for a signal booster that will adequately cover this space. 


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