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Best Cell Phone Boosters for Remote Areas in South Africa

Cell Signal Booster - South Africa

Living in remote areas of South Africa has its drawbacks. For most people, it’s a lack of good cell phone coverage. With cell phone towers few and far between in remote locations, getting a cell phone signal is often impossible.

This is understandably frustrating for people living in these areas, as a poor cell phone signal makes your phone almost useless. From dropped calls to poor call quality to a lack of mobile internet, poor signals are a big issue for many people living remote areas in South Africa.

However, there is a simple but effective way to solve the problem of poor cell phone signals - buying a cell phone signal booster. Available for a modest investment, a cell phone signal booster (also known as a repeater or network booster) improves the signal you receive by attaching a few antenna around the house.

Even homes in the most remote areas in South Africa benefit from a cellphone signal booster, as the devices are effective at picking up distant signals from cell phone towers and boosting it to remote locations.

How Does a Cell Phone Signal Booster Work?

While signal boosters sound complex, how they work is actually quite simple. Consisting of an internal antenna, external antenna, and signal booster, these devices are fitted around a property to pick up cell phone signals and improve them.

The external antenna is attached outside of the house, typically on the roof or walls. This has a powerful receiver that picks up distant cell phone signals that are usually too weak to reach remote areas in South Africa.  

This signal is then transferred to the signal booster device, which further amplifies the signal and then sends it to the inside antenna, which re-broadcasts it (like a cell phone tower), allowing the phone to receive the much-improved signal.

All these components are included with any cell phone signal booster package you buy and are easy to install.

What Are The Benefits of Using a Cell Phone Signal Booster?

If you live in a remote area of South Africa that struggles to receive a decent cell phone signal then a mobile signal booster is a great investment to make. The most notable advantage is greatly improved cell phone signals - expect to go from little to no bars to a full signal bar with this device.

With this comes a range of benefits, including much better voice clarity on every call, meaning no more frustrating phone calls with grainy or broken up voices. You also greatly reduce the chances of missed or dropped calls from a poor signal, as your phone almost always has a signal so shouldn’t miss anything.

Better still, there are 3G and 4G signal boosters available too. These devices are designed to improve the speed transfer of mobile data, meaning you can finally use your mobile data at home too. Expect better download and upload speeds, the ability to stream music and videos, and download apps and other handy features for your cell phone.

Why Are There Different Types of Cell Phone Signal Boosters?

You may notice that there are several types of network boosters available to buy in South Africa. It may seem confusing and make you unsure of which one to buy, but they all function in the same way.

The main difference is because South African mobile network providers operate on different frequency bands. For instance, a Vodacom signal booster is the most popular in South Africa as they are the biggest mobile network provider.

However, there are mobile signal boosters for all major network operators in South Africa. This means you buy whatever one is compatible with your mobile network, such as an LTE signal booster, Cell C signal booster, MTN signal booster, GSM signal booster, or a Telkom signal booster.

Many of these operate on the same frequency band too, while you also get multi-band boosters that operate on several frequencies. This is great for homes with mobiles that operate on different frequency bands, allowing the repeater to boost signals on various frequencies at once.  

Which Is Best for Remote Areas?

When looking for a signal booster for remote areas in South Africa you have plenty of options available. You need to consider the overall size of the property before buying a signal booster, as you want enough coverage to provide a signal throughout the property.

Signal boosters come with various coverage options, from as little as 500smq to upwards of 3,000sqm, so think about how much coverage your home or workplace needs. Also, remember the network you operate on and choose a compatible cell signal booster.

Finally, consider whether you need a 3G or 4G signal booster. Some are designed to boost both while others are specific to one or none of these, boosting just mobile signals.

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