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Cell Signal Booster - Signal Booster South Africa

Our cell phones and mobile devices have become a significant part of our daily lives, and we rely on them for keeping in touch, browsing the internet and generally staying connected to the rest of the world. We often take it for granted that we can use our cell phones 24/7 to communicate with friends, family and colleagues despite the distance they are from us.  

In today’s modern world, mobile devices are not a luxury but a lifestyle we have all become accustomed to. When your cell phone suddenly drops signal, or even worse, your home or office is located in a weak signal area; it makes these vital mobile devices obsolete. This is where a cell signal booster South Africa can be a real game changer. Signal boosters in South Africa can help to improve signals from major South African networks such as Vodacom, MTN, Cell C and Telkom. 

What is a Cell Signal Booster? 

Cell phone signal boosters such as a Vodacom signal booster, work by taking a poor signal and amplifying it for better signal strength in poor receiving areas. Also known as a network booster or repeater, cell signal boosters are made up of an outside antenna, a cell phone signal amplifier and one or more inside antennas.  

When placed in an area that receives a weak network signal, it can repeat and amplify this signal, so your mobile devices can connect to the newly boosted signal. A cellphone signal booster can help to improve 3G and 4G signals from all major networks, meaning you never have to suffer from dropped bars, poor quality phone calls and no internet connection again. 

How does a Cell Signal Booster work? 

A phone booster comes in four separate parts; the exterior antenna, interior antenna, an amplifier for the signal and a cable to connect these together. The cell signal booster will need to be set up by placing the exterior antenna on the roof or other outdoor location of the building that suffers from a weak signal.  

The exterior antenna must be situated in a position that gets at least one bar of signal; if used in an area with no service at all then there is no signal for the repeater to amplify. The signal picked up by the network booster’s exterior antenna is passed through the cable inside the building to the signal amplifier which boosts the existing poor signal.  

Cell Signal Booster - Signal Booster South Africa

The increased signal is transferred to the interior antenna which will re-transmit it and broadcast the strong signal within the property. The cell signal booster’s interior antenna should be placed in the area of the building that suffers from a poor network signal. If you are trying to boost the signal in a large property and multiple rooms, you can get a signal booster with multiple interior antennas to cover a more significant area. 

Four top tips for using a Cell Signal Booster 

Every low signal situation is unique, and it is possible to come across challenges when installing and using a network booster in your home or office. There are a few signal booster tips and tricks you can use to cover yourself from common repeater problems and guarantee you’re getting the best performance from your cell signal booster in South Africa: 

1.Troubleshoot any issues 

There are many different causes for poor signal, including building type and location, and when using a cell signal booster, these causes can still cause problems. Plenty of issues can arise when installing and using a cellphone signal booster and it is essential to troubleshoot to determine what is causing your particular problem. 

2. Exterior antenna placement 

The most vital part of a network booster is the exterior antenna and where it is placed. If your exterior antenna is placed in an area with no service, then it cannot transmit the signal. Make sure your signal boosters’ exterior antenna is positioned in a place where it can pick up at least one bar of signal from your mobile network. 

3. Keep an eye out for oscillation 

Oscillation is common in cell signal boosters and occurs when the signal that is boosted and broadcast from the interior antenna reaches to the outdoor antenna causing a feedback loop. Most signal boosters can mitigate this issue themselves by reducing the power for the one band that is causing the problems, but sometimes the phone booster can’t fix the problem on its own and will display an error.  

The easiest fix for oscillation is to make sure the exterior antenna is pointing away from your roof.

4. Be mindful of overload 

Overload is another problem that can affect cell signal boosters in South Africa, and it occurs when the outside signal is very strong and overloads the amplifier. You can often fix this by positioning the outdoor antenna away from the strong signal, so it picks up less, allowing the amplifier to work at full capacity. 

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