Improve Cell Phone Reception

How to Improve Cell Phone Reception

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Do you constantly suffer from a poor cell phone reception at home or work? There are fewer things more frustrating, as a lack of signal makes your cell phone almost useless. With poor call quality, missed calls, slow text responses, and the battery being drained quicker, there are several reasons why a poor cell phone reception makes life difficult.

What Causes Poor Cell Phone Reception?

Many homes and businesses in South Africa suffer from poor cell phone receptions. There are many reasons why this may happen, with the most common being remote locations are too far from cell phone towers that transmit the signal. The further distance the signal needs to travel the weaker it is.

In rarer instances, there are massive geographical barriers that block the signal from being carried, with mountains and other natural landmarks often causing poor signal reception. Thankfully this is not too common, as improving the cell phone signal in these circumstances is almost impossible.

That said, there are barriers that constantly disrupt cell signals, with buildings and structures often limiting the signal strength as cell signal struggle to pass through these dense materials. Therefore, you often get a poor signal despite living in cities and built-up areas, while homes often cause signals to become inadvertently weaker due to the various materials like glass, concrete, wood, metals etc.

How Do You Improve Cell Phone Reception?

Most of the reasons for a poor cell phone reception are easily overcome with a cell phone signal booster. These devices, often called a network booster, cell signal booster, or repeater, can significantly improve cell phone receptions with little effort.

While there are other effective ways to improve a cell phone receptions, signal boosters are unquestionably the best way to drastically improve signals at home or work. Furthermore, a network booster offers a permanent solution and is simple to install at home, making it a worthwhile investment for anyone looking to improve their cell phone reception.

How Do Signal Boosters Work?

Signal boosters are a simple yet effective telecommunications device. They consist of a few components that work together to provide a boosted signal throughout a space. This is most commonly done in homes, where the signal boosters are attached inside and outside to pick up and improve. the cell phone reception.

You need to work out where the nearest cell phone tower is before buying a repeater however, as it needs a faint signal to pick up and boost. Check to see if you have any bars outside - even a small amount is enough.

A phone booster features two antenna, a signal booster, and cables to connect each part. The external antenna goes outside and faces the direction of the nearest cell phone tower. Its powerful antenna can easily pick up faint signals from distant cell towers.

This antenna carries the weaker signal and sends it to the signal booster, which boosts the overall signal strength to give a better cell phone reception. The improved signal is then carried to the internal antenna, which broadcasts the signal across a specific area - this ranges from a few hundred square metres to several thousand square metres. Phones within the coverage area receive a much stronger signal, allowing them to be used as intended without ever dealing with poor a reception again.  

Reasons To Buy A Signal Booster

A signal booster greatly increases the cell phone reception - it could make the signal as much as 32 times stronger! This means you no longer need to worry about one or two bars for your reception, as a repeater keeps the signal strong and consistent wherever it’s placed, which is why they’re such a good idea for homes where cell receptions are poor.

With a better cell phone reception from a phone booster, call quality is greatly improved, while drop calls become a thing of the past. Never worry about losing a connection just because you moved from one room to another!

Also, network boosters offer improvements for mobile data too. These improve data transfers that result in quicker upload and download speeds, with 3G signal boosters and 4G signal boosters available.

Buying a signal booster is very simple too. Most are designed to accommodate the top South African mobile network providers, so it’s just a case of matching it to your network. There is a Vodacom signal booster, Telkom signal booster, Cell C signal booster, and MTN signal booster, so every network is covered.


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