Installer And Designer Of State Of The Art In-Building Wireless DAS Solutions

Signal Booster South Africa offers an in-building cellular reception for single layers of hardware. The installation and design are simple to use and highly flexible being similar to the average Wi-Fi installation. Our company’s service utilises five cutting-edge DAS components and is based on technologically advanced, high speed fibre networks with a full spectrum range. This means we are prepared for future occurrences, as well as what distinguishes our company from rivals offering DAS (also known as distributed antenna systems). Our highly advanced DAS technology provides accurate and effective commercial cellular connectivity with public safety radio services according to our customers’ needs.

Signal Booster South Africa – Mobile Signal Booster

Signal Booster South Africa

#1: Fibre-Based

Our company offers in-building cellular connectivity services using high-speed fibre networks, as well as current cable networks already installed in the building. The fibre network acts as the backbone for the communication system; therefore, linking the different nodes in the building to the primary hub. Our company’s infrastructure is simple to set up, as well as being more cost-effective because of the fibre cables. In addition to these features, the quick installation results in reduced downtime for the business and provides you with an amazing experience which you will be extremely happy with.

#2: Full Spectrum

Our company’s built-in DAS solution provides public and cellular safety frequencies to be used. The frequencies vary from 150 MHz to 2700 MHz. If your initial setup supports a single career, you may not have the additional hardware available to access other frequencies when the need arises.

#3: Ready For The Future

One of the best features offered by Signal Booster South Africa is the variety of frequencies on a single layer of hardware. The design prepares one for the future, meaning you will not need to add any further hardware if the public safety frequencies or new technology is introduced following hardware installation. Review our products here if you are interested!