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LTE Signal Boosters

Cell phones have become an everyday essential in today’s modern world. We use them for calling, texting, keeping up with emails and general web browsing, and have come to depend on them as our key source of communication with friends, family and colleagues. However reliable our cell phones are, without signal they can be almost useless unless you have LTE signal boosters.  

Losing cell signal can be one of the most frustrating things, especially when it is right in the middle of that critical phone call or just as you need to send a vital email. Living or working in a building that is notorious for having a bad cell signal is often a nightmare, but one that can be easily fixed with a signal booster. Signal boosters can improve lousy signal in homes and offices by amplifying the little signal that can be received.

Why do I have a bad cell signal?

If you want to fix your poor cell signal problems with a repeater or network booster, then you first need to understand and identify the reasons behind the weak signal. Three main factors can cause a weak phone signal and can be resolved with signal boosters:

1.Your distance from a cell tower

Cell signals are broadcast from towers by local networks such as Vodacom, MTN, Cell C and Telkom. The further you are to a cell tower, then the weaker signal you will receive. Being too far away from a network tower is the most common cause for a weak signal but can be easily resolved with a cell phone signal booster.

2. Construction materials

The materials that your home or office is built from can have an effect on the cell signal you receive inside. Concrete, brick, block, wire mesh and sheet metal are all known to obstruct cell signals, and if you have a good signal outside the building but it drops when you step inside it is probably caused by construction materials. Cell signal boosters can be used to fix this poor signal problem easily by re-transmitting the outdoor signal indoors.

3. Obstacles

The last common reason for a weak cell signal is obstacles between you and the nearest cell tower. This could be a large building, hill or mountain as cell signals cannot penetrate through large barriers. What often happens is the cell signal bounces off other obstacles to reach you, causing a weaker and fluctuating signal. A Vodacom signal booster can be used to resolve this issue by amplifying the weak signal.

How can I improve my cell signal with a network booster?

Once you have identified the reason behind your poor cell signal, you can find a fix using signal boosters. A signal booster is used to pick up the poor signal being received and amplify it, so your devices get a stronger signal. A network booster is made up of an inside antenna, outside antenna and a cell phone signal amplifier.  

The outside antenna should be placed outside your building in a location that receives a cell signal, it must be receiving at least one bar of signal to be able to amplify it, and it is often best to point it in the direction of the closest cell tower. This antenna passes the weak signal to the amplifier in the signal booster which boosts the signal strength.  

The increased signal is then sent to the indoor antenna which re-transmits the signal inside. The interior antenna should be placed in the area in the building that suffers from poor signal strength; some signal boosters allow you to have multiple indoor antennas which is beneficial for large homes or offices.

What is an LTE signal booster?

When looking into the various types of network boosters and repeaters available, you might come across LTE signal boosters and other acronyms such as 3G and 4G. LTE stands for Long Term Evolution and is the path followed to reach 4G speeds on cell devices. Most cell devices will display 4G when in actual fact they are using LTE technology.  

The reason for LTE and 4G being used synonymously is that when the minimum speeds for 4G were set, they were often unreachable and impossible to achieve. The regulating body made the decision that LTE could be labelled as 4G on cell devices as long as it provides a substantial improvement over a 3G signal.  

An LTE signal booster can boost these LTE signals in areas where you receive low internet speeds and poor cell network. Similarly to a 3G signal booster, however LTE will give you faster speeds that are closer to a 4G signal.

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