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Posted on 09 Nov 14:05

What Is A Mobile Phone Signal Repeater?

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A mobile phone signal repeater is a reception-boosting device that works by taking the signal from an area where reception is strong, and amplifying (or repeating) it to an area where the signal isn’t very good. The three main parts of a mobile phone signal repeater are: an internal rebroadcast antenna to boost the signal to the required area, a reception antenna to receive the signal, and an amplifier that acts as a phone signal booster.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Mobile Repeater?

The main benefit of using a mobile phone repeater is to boost the phone signal that you receive. Phone reception can be affected by an array of different obstructions, from sizeable trees to building construction materials. A mobile repeater helps to circumvent these obstructions.

The installation of a mobile phone signal booster could mean that an area that previously had a poor signal quality of 1 bar could become an area of high-quality reception with full bars. By doing this, you will have a much better call experience with clearer use and less dropped calls.

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Where Can I Use A Mobile Repeater?

A mobile phone repeater is designed to be simple to install and is perfect for use in the following areas:

  • Home use. More and more consumers are beginning to use mobiles to replace pricey landline phones in their home, and a mobile repeater helps to provide a stronger signal to homes where connection may be weak. A good home mobile phone signal repeater is the 3G mini booster due to its effectiveness in moderately small areas.   
  • Business use. In modern-day society, mobile phone signal boosters are becoming a necessity, rather than an indulgence. A mobile repeater not only benefits the owners of a business, but also its customers and employers. The all networks powermax booster is a great business mobile phone signal repeater as it can support around 50 users and covers an area of around 500 square metres.  
  • Vehicle use. Another common use for mobile signal boosters in South Africa is in vehicles. A mobile repeater device will help enhance the reception during journeys in low signal areas. For a good vehicle mobile phone signal repeater, check out the signal booster vehicle booster

  • Using a mobile phone repeater in any of the above ways is a great way to improve your home and/or business life by providing a clear and stable phone signal booster that will enhance connection considerably. 

    Are Mobile Phone Signal Repeaters Easy To Use?

    Yes. Mobile signal booster kits are designed in a way that makes them accessible to everybody and are very easy to install. Whether you need a device for home, business or vehicle use, each mobile repeater kit comes with a set of detailed instructions that make the installation process very simple, and there is no need for any technical expertise.

    Follow the link here to see some easy to use mobile phone repeater kits.

    How Does A Mobile Phone Signal Booster Work?

    After installing your mobile repeater in an area that needs a signal booster, the reception is first captured by an outside antenna. Following this, the repeater then amplifies the signal before broadcasting it across your desired location.

    This then results in a much stronger connection for all of your mobile devices within the repeater catchment area, allowing you to enjoy faster internet browsing, clearer voice and video calls, and ultra-fast upload and download speeds.

    Why Do I Need A Mobile Phone Repeater?

    For those who have ever lost mobile signal during an important phone call, video conference meeting, or just whilst browsing the internet, you will understand how frustrating it can be.

    Too many things to list in modern day society revolve around having a good mobile reception, and when they become unstable (and they often do) it can be highly irritating. A mobile phone repeater is a device that counters this problem and can curb the frustrations borne out of it.   

    Can I Use A Mobile Repeater With My Frequency?

    Mobile signal boosters are available for a variety of frequencies and the phone repeater that you get should match the frequency as your carrier. Most carriers are on a frequency of 900 or 1800 Mhz, but some high-speed 3G and 4G networks use different frequencies.

    If you are having trouble choosing the correct mobile signal booster please don't hesitate to contact us and one of our team will help you. 

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