MTN Cell Phone Signal Booster

MTN Cell Signal Booster 

Getting a new mobile phone is exciting, and if you have just signed your new MTN cell phone contract, the last thing you want is to get home to find you have no signal on your new device. It is a common problem in South Africa, and many other countries, that mobile signal is good outside a building but unusable inside.

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Luckily, there is an easy fix for this issue; a signal booster can help to amplify your MTN signal inside your home, office or any area that suffers from a poor cell signal. As the name suggests, signal boosters will boost the strength of both data and voice signals. 

How Does A Network Booster Work? 

cellphone signal booster is not a single unit but is instead made up of four separate units which work together to improve cell service. For an MTN signal booster to work effectively it must be made up of: 

  1. An outside antenna: An outside antenna should be mounted onto the roof or side of the building that suffers from weak signal. This part of the phone booster will pick up the MTN signal from your local cell tower. It must be positioned in a location that can pick up some cell signal; if an outside antenna is positioned in a place with no MTN cell signal at all, it won’t be able to boost the signal indoors. 
  2. A signal booster: A signal booster will receive the MTN mobile signal from the outdoor antenna. It will amplify this signal to produce a stronger and more reliable MTN signal. 
  3. An internal antenna: An internal antenna should be fitted indoors in the building that receives a poor signal. This internal antenna will receive the boosted MTN signal from the signal booster and re-transmits it throughout the building. If you have multiple rooms suffering from poor signal or a large building, then you can use multiple signal boosters in order to cover the entire area. 
  4. Cables: The outside antenna, signal booster and internal antenna all need to be connected with cables. The cables allow all the components to transfer the MTN cell signal between them. 

Do You Need A Network Booster? 

Before purchasing a new phone booster, it is important to understand if it will resolve your signal problems. A cell phone signal booster can only help if you receive some signal outside your building, if you have no service at all, then an lte signal booster will not be able to help your situation.  

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If you live or work in a building where you can make calls and use data outside, but once you go inside the signal drops causing calls to break up and internet speeds to slow, then a mobile signal booster can help. 

Types Of Signal Boosters 

Choosing an MTN cell phone signal booster can be overwhelming, as there are a lot of options to choose from and if you aren’t technically minded they can become very confusing. The first thing you need to determine when choosing a network booster is which ones will work with your cell phone carrier.  

Every mobile network will operate on a different frequency, for example, an MTN signal booster will pick up different frequency signals to a Vodacom signal booster or a Telkom signal booster. Make sure you check what networks the signal booster you are thinking of buying will cover, some signal boosters can amplify multiple different carriers which is a good option if you have various devices on different networks. 

The other thing you will need to consider is the type of antenna you will need with your MTN signal booster. There are two main types of outdoor antenna and each work in a slightly different way: 

  1. Omni-Directional Antenna: An omni-directional antenna is designed to access multiple cell towers simultaneously. This can turn a weak cell signal into a strong and reliable signal. Omni-directional antennas are great if you are nearby to multiple cell towers but still suffer from poor signal because of your building or other obstructions.  
  1. Directional Antenna: A directional antenna, also known as a Yagi antenna, has a 50-degree window of reception. They are built specifically to access the signal from one mobile reception tower, as opposed to multiple towers. These are great if you have a weak signal outside and a clean line of sight to a cell phone tower. 

All of these things are vital to look at before choosing your new cell phone signal booster in order to get the best possible signal in your home, office or apartment. If you need help choosing the correct signal booster, don't hesiate to contact a memeber of our team. 

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