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MTN Signal Booster - Signal Booster SA

Choosing the best signal booster or repeater for your house, office or apartment can be confusing. There is a lot to consider when it comes to signal boosters, and in order to get the best one for your poor signal situation, you need to properly understand how they work and what is causing your weak mobile signal.  

If you are struggling with a weak MTN mobile signal in your home or workplace, it can be very frustrating and become a nuisance in your daily life. A cell phone signal booster could be an easy fix to this issue and resolve your poor signal problems. 

What Causes Poor MTN Mobile Signal? 

Poor cell phone signal is a common problem in South Africa and beyond, and MTN signal problems are just as common as with any other network provider. A large number of people suffer from poor mobile signal, particularly in homes or offices. 

MTN Signal Booster - Signal Booster South Africa

There is a range of issues that could be causing your weak signal, and in order to choose the best cellphone signal booster, you should identify the cause of your signal problems. The main causes of poor mobile signal are: 

  • Distance: If you are too far away from the nearest cell phone tower, your signal strength will suffer. You will need to be within a reasonable range from an MTN tower in order to get a decent MTN signal on your devices. 
  • Construction Materials: One of the most common reasons for poor signal within your home or office is construction materials. Cellular signals struggle to pass through metal and concrete in the walls of your home, so depending on your building this could be the cause of your weak signal. If you receive a good signal outside and then lose it when you step inside, it is likely this is the cause. 
  • Obstructions: Another common cause is geographical obstructions between you and the nearest cell tower. If there are mountains, hills or any other large obstructions near your home, they could be preventing the MTN cell signal reaching you. 

How Does A Phone Booster Work? 

Once you have identified the cause for your poor signal, you need to understand how a network booster works in order to decide if it will be able to resolve your weak signal or not. A cell signal booster is made up of four basic components: 

  1. An External Antenna: Every network booster will come with an antenna that must be positioned outside your building. Typically, this will be mounted on a roof or external wall where there is the best possible mobile signal. Try to face it in the direction of your local mobile tower with as few obstructions as possible. 
  2. A Cell Signal Booster: Also known as the amplifier. This is the heart of your signal booster and is responsible for receiving the weak signal from the external antenna and amplifying it to create a strong signal. Every cell phone signal booster or repeater is designed to cover a specific distance, so look into this when choosing the best signal booster for you. 
  3. An Internal Antenna: The indoor antenna should be placed inside your building. This part will communicate the amplified signal to your mobile devices. Every interior antenna will have its own broadcasting distance which indicates how far the boosted signal will reach. 
  4. Coax Cables: Signal boosters use coax cables to connect the two antennas to the cell signal booster. These cables can come in various types and the longer a piece of cable, the more signal will be lost between the connections. 

What Type Of Network Booster Do I Need? 

There are two aspects to consider when deciding the type of lte signal booster you need. The first thing to decide is the type of technology you want; you can choose either a 4G signal booster or a 3G signal booster.  A 3G signal booster supports 3G data connections and speeds, this is an older type of technology and becoming outdated quickly. A 4G signal booster supports 4G speeds, this is much faster and more common in new smartphones. 

The second thing to consider is the mobile network that you want your new cell phone signal booster to amplify. Every mobile network operates on a different frequency, and it is essential to get a repeater that is compatible with your network. You can choose specific network boosters such as an MTN signal booster, Vodacom signal booster or Telkom signal booster. Some mobile signal boosters can support multiple networks so be sure to check yours is supported before making a final decision. 

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