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Posted on 16 Nov 14:39

Network Booster - South Africa 

Signal Booster - South Africa

Many places in South Africa suffer from poor cell receptions. There is nothing worse when this is where you live, as not being able to use your cell phone at home as intended is incredibly frustrating. Missing calls due to a poor signal is bad enough, but it’s even worse when the calls that you do receive are grainy or impossible to hear.

Texts come through slower - if at all - while poor signals also impact the transfer of internet data across mobile networks. This is seriously annoying for anyone that relies on mobile data rather than Wi-Fi, making it almost impossible to use the internet on your phone.

Thankfully, there are devices that solve the problem of a poor cell phone signal and all the issues it causes - a cell phone network booster.

What Is A Cell Phone Network Booster?

As the name suggests a cell phone network booster is a device used to boost cell phone signals. Also called a signal booster, phone booster, and repeater, a network signal booster helps to significantly improve a cell phone signal, allowing users to make and receive calls and use their internet data.

What Are The Advantages of a Cell Phone Network Booster?

You gain plenty of benefits from using a cell phone network booster. The most obvious is that the cell phone is far more functional, with calls and texts regularly being received, while the overall quality of phone calls is much improved. You’ll also find that battery life for cell phones improves, as operating with a weak signal drains the battery much quicker.

Additionally, a network booster drastically improves the transferring of internet data from cell phone towers to the mobile device. This means that mobile data flows quickly with a strong signal, allowing users to browse the internet without any lag. Upload and download speeds are much better, while streaming music and video is possible thanks to a good signal booster device.

Those living in remote areas of South Africa may not even get their mobile data due to poor signal strength, making a network booster a worthwhile investment.

The Different Types Of Cell Phone Network Boosters

If you’re considering using a cell phone network booster to improve your cell phone’s internet, it’s important to choose the right repeater for your network. As South African mobile network providers operate on various frequency bands for their calls, 3G, and 4G data transfers, there are various signal boosters that are compatible with each of these frequencies.

For example, a Vodacom signal booster works with the various frequency bands that Vodacom, South Africa’s largest mobile network provider, operate on.

There are repeaters that are compatible with all South Africa’s major mobile networks and the frequency bands the operate on, including a Vodacom signal booster, LTE signal booster, Cell C signal booster, MTN signal booster, GSM signal booster, or a Telkom signal booster.

Certain mobile networks operate on the same frequency too. For example, a Telkom signal booster and Vodacom signal booster operate on GSM band, UMTS band, and LTE band.

There are also signal booster devices designed specially to improve calls and not mobile data, while others are designed to improve the calls and data, with a 3G signal booster and 4G signal booster widely available.

It’s easy to find compatible network booster devices however, as most advertise what mobile networks they are compatible with, so providing you know your network you should find one with ease.

3G Signal Booster Or 4G Signal Booster?

You may notice that a cell phone signal booster may be a 3G signal booster or 4G signal booster. Because each of these mobile data networks operate on separate frequency bands, you need to decide which is most suitable your mobile phone.

If 4G signals are available where you live in South Africa then we recommend buying a 4G signal booster. This greatly improves the internet connection for your mobile data, with 4G speeds being very impressive, including fast downloads, uploads, streaming, and data transfer in general.

This may be a wise choice if you have tablet that uses mobile data, as this will greatly improve the overall data transfer and internet function on the device. Many modern phones use 4G technology too, so make sure to take advantage of this with a suitable booster.

Remember, not all areas in South Africa receive 4G coverage. In this case, only a 3G signal booster is worth buying, unless you know 4G will reach your location sooner than later. Most mobile devices still use 3G data anyway, while the network booster device is usually cheaper because it doesn’t require the separate frequency band for 4G.

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