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Suffering from poor cell phone signal is a frustration that everyone has experienced at one time or another. Having a weak reception can lead to dropped calls and slow internet speeds which can be a real problem. It is especially prevalent for those who live or work in poor reception areas. The weak mobile signal is caused by obstructions or distance interfering with the radio waves that transmit the cell signal. 

Fortunately, poor signal can be resolved with a signal booster easily. Signal Boosters can help by boosting the existing weak signals and spreading them across a larger area.  

A network booster can amplify a poor mobile signal in your home or office for a more reliable and stronger connection. If you are struggling with the current quality of your mobile phone signal and are looking for ways to improve it, a phone booster could be the answer.  

What Is A Cellphone Signal Booster? 

A cell phone signal booster or repeater is a device that can amplify a weak mobile signal. It picks up the signal from outside a building and amplifies and redistribute it in inside. By using a mobile signal booster, you can bypass any obstructions and decrease the distance from a transmitter to increase your cell phone signal strength.  

Phone boosters are a great choice if you are experiencing poor reception in one specific location in South Africa. Put simply, a signal booster picks up the weak signals, boosts them and broadcasts the stronger signals in your home or office.  

A signal booster in South Africa can boost both data and voice signal to help resolve the issue of a dropped connection or poor phone call quality. Using a cell signal booster will help you to get faster data uploads and downloads in areas that have previously experienced poor signal quality. 

How Does A Signal Booster Work? 

Mobile phones work by receiving signals from nearby mobile towers. These towers use radio frequency waves to transmit cell phone signals. Every mobile phone has an internal antenna that catches this signal to establish connectivity. If you are too far away from a mobile tower, or obstructions such as buildings, walls or mountains are in between you and the tower it can cause weak signal reception. When you have a poor signal, you can experience low quality phone calls, dropped signals and slow internet load speeds.  

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A 3G signal booster is comprised of a tower antenna which is placed outside the building that is suffering from poor signal. The cellphone signal booster antenna should be mounted outdoors at a place with some signal and minimum obstructions. This antenna must be in a location that receives at least two or three bars of signal as anything less than this will struggle to boost the signal at a usable level.  

A cable is then attached to the antenna; this cable passes the signal from the antenna to a signal amplifier. The signal amplifier should be placed indoors in the area that is lacking mobile reception. This amplifier will boost the weak signal picked up by the outdoor antenna and rebroadcast if through an internal antenna to the area that needs an improved signal. Your mobile devices can then connect to this rebroadcasted signal which should be of much better quality than before. 

Types Of Signal Boosters 

There are various types of cell phone signal boosters available, including 3G signal booster, 4G signal booster, LTE signal booster, Cell C signal booster, MTN signal booster, Vodacom signal booster and Telkom signal booster. A 3G signal booster or 4G signal booster will amplify the relevant signal strengths of either 3G or 4G connections, for faster speeds, choose a 4G signal booster.  

You can get signal boosters that are designed specifically for your mobile network provider, such as an MTN signal booster or a Telkom signal booster. Each mobile provider will use a slightly different frequency to transmit their signals, so these specific cell phone signal boosters are designed to work with their individual frequencies. 

What To Consider Before Choosing A Cellphone Signal Booster? 

If you are thinking about purchasing a signal booster to help solve your connectivity issues, there are a few things to consider first. As mentioned above, specific signal boosters will broadcast certain frequencies. Make sure to choose a phone booster that is compatible with your mobile network, whether it is Telkom, MTE or Vodacom.  

Some signal boosters are compatible with all mobile networks while others are specifically optimised for a certain network so be sure to check before you buy.  

It is also important to consider the coverage area that you require from a cell phone signal booster. Different signal boosters can cover different sized areas so think about how large a space you have that needs an improved signal. If it is just one room in your home that needs better signal, a lower end signal booster might be enough. However, if you have a large building and all of it suffers from poor signal, you might need to consider getting a network booster that can cover a large area. Some signal boosters will allow you to use multiple indoor antennas to improve the coverage area. 


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