The Differences Between Commercial And Consumer Signal Boosters

Is there a difference between commercial and consumer cell-phone signal boosters? Which type should I be choosing? Here is more information to help you decide:

Take this example into consideration: your teenage daughter phones you in a panic-stricken state due to an accident she was just involved in and she is unsure of what she should be doing next. You have just started to calm her down along with an explanation of what she needs to do, but just before she is able to provide you with the accident location details, the phone cuts out and you are not able to reconnect the call. This is one of the classic consumer-level examples that represents the dreadful consequences associated with cell reception that is weak inside your home.

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Another example may include when you are running behind schedule for your next meeting which involves a very important client. You try time and and time again to call your personal assistant at the office to alert her that you are running late. You are unable to reach your client because your business line plays an after-hour recording and his personal mobile phone is showing no bars within your 100,000 sq. ft. office building.

For this reason, every call that you make goes through to voicemail. He also is totally unaware of the voice messages that you have left, as he will not receive the voicemail alerts due to the absence of cell-phone reception while he sits and waits in your conference room. This situation could result in an extremely embarrassing and stressful situation or even worse losing a significant order that could cost your company a massive amount of money. This story indicates a type of commercial scenario that represents the dreadful consequences linked to cell reception that is poor inside your business property and why some of these boosters can be so expensive.

The two examples that we just gave you are a common occurrence people are forced to deal with every day. There are two methods to solve such issues along with several other problems with commercial and consumer cell-phone signal boosters. Today cell phones play a pivotal role when it comes to our daily work or personal lives. It acts as a life-line during a personal emergency or a business-saver when it comes to business-related emergencies.

However, when it comes to making sure these cell phones are able to operate as they should, coverage needs to be consistent indoors and when driving in a vehicle. Unfortunately, this is not always possible due to reasons that the carriers are unable to control along with their latest wireless technology.

This is when the cell-phone signal boosters come in as a way to bridge these gaps and to offer improved cellular receptions in vehicles and inside buildings. The signal boosters are available in two types and are characterised by their unique features.

Here is an overview of the differences between each of these signal boosters:

The consumer signal booster is designed for the average consumer that doesn’t have to be tech-savvy in order to buy and install one of these devices. These devices are simple to install and they are intended for small areas up to 10,000 sq. ft. They are not very complicated to use or install.

The commercial signal booster, on the other hand, is far more powerful and covers areas from 10,000 up to thousands of sq. ft. According to FCC regulations, these devices can only be installed by cell-phone signal-booster installers who are certified. If you are interested in an installation of one of the commercial signal boosters, please complete a request for your installation quote and a site survey.

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The category for consumer cell-phone booster also include the vehicle signal booster as these are also a simple task to install for the average consumer. The vehicle signal booster is not available in the commercial-grade category because the consumer version is more than capable of boosting signals for every type of vehicle. Similar to the consumer office or home booster, this device covers an area up to 10,000 sq. ft. The cell-signal boosters for trucks or cars are provided with easy to understand installation instructions, which does away with having to hire a professional when it comes to these booster types.

Both the commercial and consumer-grade signal boosters are designed to increase cellular reception which ensures that your mobile devices such as a tablet or smartphone maintain a connection that is strong and consistent to your closest and relevant cell-phone tower.

Once installed your mobile devices will show an increase in signal bars which will work efficiently in matching up to your wireless data and wireless voice requirements regardless of whether you are in a car anywhere in Canada or the USA, or when you are in a large business-office building.

With these boosters you are able to enjoy voice conversations that are much clearer, no more dropped calls, along with benefiting from the fastest 3G and 4G LTE Mobile Internet that your service and cell-phone provider is able to provide.