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Signal Booster Prime - TriBand - 900/1800/2100MHz

Model: MRE100P
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Introducing our new and best Mobile Repeater, the *NEW *All Networks Digital Triband Booster is expected to be the most popular repeater to date. We've spent countless hours perfecting this Repeater to ensure we make the most suitable all round Booster that exists today. More and more frequently, we've found that our customers are looking for boosters that will boost all networks which is why we've created this innovative top of the range repeater.

With a huge signal boosting gain and an impressive attenuation control function it allows you full control of the unit, AND its power level can be increased in steps of 1dB, from 20dB to 65dB gain. The digital display allows you to see the power output and ensures that your booster is always at the optimum levels. The built in alarms allow you to be sure the signal booster is working effectively not interfering with networks so you can be sure you are boosting your own signal without effecting anyone else's signal on the network.

This unit is ideal for the business or household that needs multiple network calling and a very high level of quality. It will cover 900Mhz - 1800Mhz and 2100Mhz - this means all networks voice, all networks 3G and some cases 4G (all 4G networks except Telkom 4G) coverage depending on the location (varies by location but you will pick up and improve some 4G). Designed to be a business solution, it aims to be cost effective, excellent value and can be used on its own in an open plan building or you can add up to 6 antennas if you want to cover multiple floors. Just ask our technical staff for advice and free schematics on whats needed.

Stop losing signal and potential clients and install a digital booster today and you will cover all networks, get 3G and 4G coverage and enjoy indoor signal all day everyday.


  • 1. Install external antenna supplied
  • 2. Install amplifier on inside wall
  • 3. Attach the supplied indoor antenna
  • 4. Run cable from external antenna to amplifier
  • 5. Power up amplifier
  • 6. Rotate outside antenna until best possible signal is achieved indoors

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