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Large Office Repeater Professional Installer

Mobile Reception Boosters for Large Areas and Buildings

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Bad signal everywhere in a building? Get professional advice on what you need to improve Mobile Reception Booster for offices. Simple send building plans or summary of the office layout to and our engineering commercial team will send a bill of materials and costings and can talk you through on  +27110839736 at any stage.


Bad coverage in your office is  caused 1) Being situated too far from the network base station or most likely 2) Due to a very well built building with foil backed insulation also blocking the mobile signal. Construction of a building to conserve energy loss will block signal penetration. The good news is then usually outdoor signal is usually very good so coverage realised will be close to the range outlined on all our products.


Powermax mobile booster models are designed with large areas in mind.  Meaning no more dropped calls or missed opportunities for your sales and management teams. The omni mobile booster antennas send signal in a 360 degree direction ensuring all areas receive signal -Overlapping signal is recommended for ultimate call quality.

These units are hugely powerful and for open plan are extremely easy install for multiple floor we even offer a full consultation service from design to finish including an estimation of costs if required.

For a open plan large office in a area of good outdoor coverage simple pick booster with the coverage size closely matching your office.   

Large Offices with multiple internal walls and offices can be supplied signal via a network of omni antennas to ensure coverage in every office or simple increase the size of the booster your purchasing to allow for the loss.


Multiple Floors - You will need an antenna on each floor, If each floor is under 3,000 sq feet one omni antenna per floor will give you the signal you need so all you need is a signal splitter to match the number of antennas you need and connect via cable. You can add the full kit during checkout a 2 DAS for 2 floors etc. 


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