Top Selling Repeaters

Top selling repeaters in 2017 and on sale now in 2018 so you can get the best results possible.

Compatible with MTN, Telkom, Vodacom and all Networks. Choose between voice and data boosters!


  • All Voice & 3G/4G Signal Booster

    Special Price: R 11,900.00

  • Vodacom Voice Signal Booster

    Regular Price: R 3,950.00

    Special Price: R 3,900.00

  • Ceiling Antenna

    Special Price: R 880.00

  • All Networks Powermax

    Special Price: R 13,995.00

  • Mini Booster GSM 900/3G

    Special Price: R 7,700.00

  • Home and Office 900/1800 Mhz Signal Booster

    Special Price: R 7,700.00