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MTN Tested Signal Boosters

Ideal for all MTN Voice calls and Data. Clear signal can be achieved using a MTN Mobile Repeater system as seen below.


MTN SIGNAL booster

Signal broadcasts across the country can stop at our door and leave us with no coverage for those important calls to friends and family. To overcome this Mobile Repeater has developed a special MTN  Signal Booster specifically for MTN networks that will allow coverage to once more be everywhere in your home or office so no more important calls are missed. There is an extensive range of boosters for 4G, 3g and voice to choose from. Each has an outdoor antenna, cable and a repeater to plug in and your all set up. Using guidelines and international best practices we design the best units available.

WHY USE MTN Signal booster?

With a 15 day money back guarantee and over 100 thousand satisfied customers you can be sure Mobile Repeater is the No1 Optus supplier on the market. Note: MTN has agreements with other networks and as a result the signal booster if stated will also work with other networks like Vodacom

MTN customers buy any from the list below that suits you. For all networks we have a separate range.


 We also have a full range of options to boost all   For larger Building repeaters see our Building Repeaters to improve indoor coverage over multiple floors and to give you solutions.

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