Vehicle Booster - Signal Booster South Africa
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Vehicle Booster - Signal Booster South Africa
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Vehicle Booster - Signal Booster South Africa
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Vehicle Booster - Signal Booster South Africa
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Vehicle Signal Booster - Dual Band - 900/1800 MHz

Model: MRE001CAR
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Product Description

The SB Vehicle Booster is a very powerful signal amplifier for vehicle application and is compatible with all African mobile phone networks. (except 3G) The external magnetic mount aerial connects via 3 meter coax lead to the booster unit which is located inside the vehicle.

The booster has an on-board whip aerial which re-transmits a strong and clear signal within the interior of the vehicle. This booster kit provides enhanced mobile coverage while traveling in low signal areas.

The Vehicle booster kit works by capturing the low external signal using a magentic mount aerial on the top of the vehicle. The three meter cable lead connects this signal intput to the booster unit. The booster has a a high output power of 27dBm and 55dB gain. The amplifier output signal is fed to a small whip aerial that connects to the unit and transmits the signal inside the interior of your vehicle. Each Vehicle Booster kit comes with the following

  • Dual Band GSM 900/1800 Vehicle Booster/Amplifier
  • External Dual Band Magnetic-Mount Aerial
  • Internal Whip Aerial
  • 12V DC Car Power Adapter

Technical Specifications

  • Uplink/Downlink Frequency (GSM900) 890-915MHz / 935-960MHz (GSM1800) 1710-1785MHz / 1805-1880MHz
  • Maximum Gain Uplink/Downlink ≧ 55dB ≧ 60dB
  • Ripple in Band ≦ 5dB
  • Output Power≧ 27dBm
  • Spurious Emission (9KHz-1GHz) ≦ -36dBm
  • Spurious Emission (1GHz-12.75GHz) ≦ -30dBm
  • Noise Figure @ Max. Gain≦ 6dB (Typical)
  • Return Loss ≦ 3dB
  • Time Delay ≦ 0.5μs
  • MTBF > 50000hours
  • Power Supply DC 12V 2A
  • Power Consumption < 10 Watt
  • Impendence 50 ohm
  • RF Connector N-Female
  • Cooling Heatsink convection cooling
  • Dimensions (DxWxH) 220 x 180 x 20 mm
  • Weight 1800 Gram
  • Environment Conditions IP 40
  • Humidity < 90%
  • Operating Temperature -10C - 60C

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