Vodacom Signal Booster

Signal Booster SA have worked to design repeaters that boost the Vodacom network. We designed our repeaters to boost phone signal indoors using the signal outside your home. Below you will find a Vodacom Signal Boosters to boost Vodacom voice, 3G & 4G. Just choose whether you want voice only, data only or a device that can do it all.

Will a Vodacom Signal Booster work for me?

Vodacom Signal Booster
Do you have some Vodacom signal outdoors but none or weak phone signal in your house? If so then you do need a Mobile Phone Signal Booster.  A booster will take the outdoor signal and boost it through your house giving you clear calls and data.
Simple put the discreet antenna outside on your wall. Connect it to the device and within minutes you will be getting smooth clear signal throughout your home, work or building.

What Vodacom Booster to get?

All of the Vodacom Boosters come as full kits so you get a Vodacom booster antenna, the cables you need and the Repeater that gives the boost. All you need to do is choose a Vodacom Signal Booster below that amplifies what you want. GSM, 3G or even 4G if its available in your area. All of the devices state what area they can extend signal to. Some of our larger boosters have the option to attach more than one inside booster antenna to it. So they can in turn act also like signal extenders inside the building for any potential weak spots.


  • 3G Repeater ALL Networks

    Special Price: R 6,900.00

  • All Networks Powermax

    Special Price: R 13,995.00

  • All Voice & 3G/4G Signal Booster

    Special Price: R 11,900.00

  • Max Vodacom Voice

    Regular Price: R 9,500.00

    Special Price: R 7,900.00

  • Mini Booster GSM 900/3G

    Special Price: R 7,700.00

  • Vodacom Booster PRO

    Special Price: R 6,500.00