Why so expensive?

The reasons why our boosters are more expensive than anyone else is as follow:

1) Our Solutions are 100% ICASA Licensed, Legal, CRAN certified and CE Approved.

Our Technology is the original one. In other words, we are the creator and inventor of the technology and anyone else out there are simply pale reproductions. It also means that our booster(s) will never interfere with any of your appliances or your neighbor's or with the tower of any service provider or with anything else at all.

Also, note that the options quoted are designed to boost all networks voice & data, 3G & 4G for up to 250sqm or 500sqm and that if you choose Vodacom only the price will be a lot more cost-effective.

Our name (Company name) should give you the clue as we operate in 10 different countries worldwide. We designed and patented the tech in Canada over 25 years ago and when we started to be successful, of course, we've had competitors but they do not have our recipe. It's a bit like comparing Coca-cola with Pepsi or KFC with any other copy cats out there, it really is a matter of taste and choice.

2) The Technology has high filters on it and very low radiation and this is one of the main reasons, it is not harmful to your health.

For e.g when you look at an iPhone or a Samsung or Sony etc - these mobile phones are the most expensive on the market place, why? This is because of the filters it has but goes out there and look for an unbranded mobile phone and see how cheap it is, why? Again this is due to the filters and the brand. We are our own brand and the original.

The cheap ones out there have very high radiation, they are harmful to people's health, they will interfere with just about everything and anything and last but not least they will break quickly and easily as opposed to our own technology.

3) We are local & have engineers nationwide in all major cities in South Africa
4) We offer free Technical support by email & over the phone and we look after you every step of the way
5) Once the solution installed, no more dropped calls & faster internet data, so better communication guaranteed 100%
6) We have real genuine customer references who you can call and ask for yourself or even go to view and see to help you make the right decision
7) Wireless (You don't need to plug anything into your phone or devices - once properly installed everything is then wireless)
8) Will Boost anything that uses a sim card (E.g: Credit card machines, alarms, cameras, Ipads, dongles, laptops, tablets, mobile phones - The list is endless)
9) Portable & Convertible (You can use in any vehicle on holidays or Business trips when traveling in rural areas)
10) Up-gradable & Expandable
11) Insurable
12) Permanent
13) No Hidden Charges - No Subscription Fees
14) Will work on All Networks in South Africa & even in Northern Africa
15) Boosts 2G, 3G & 4G
16) Money Back Guarantee
17) Extendable Warranty Available for up to 3 years - Life cycle is from 10 to 15 years

If you are still struggling to make a decision please take the time to call our customer references and ask them how their experience has been with us.

I can always remember what my mum used to say as a child, "cheap is costly" and I could never understand what she meant but as I grew up I did.

Cheaper products cause a lot of headaches and they break quickly and easily.

I hope that this helps you make an informed decision.

Should you wish to move forward with the order, all you need to do is reply to this email with your delivery details and proof of payment and we will courier the package down to you.

If you still feel that the options proposed are too expensive, please share your budget with us and we will tailor a solution based on your requirements.

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